Ways Clutter Can Keep You From Your Best Life!

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Have you considered that there is more to your clutter than the way it looks? 

I do.

I know that when I am not consistent with sorting the mail, or finishing paperwork, I am burdened more with the papers that are left in my tray than by ignoring them.

The burden is worse than actually doing the clutter control.

That is why I recommend being consistent. Pushing through the resistance we have in getting organized and staying organized, is better than letting it all go and piling up. 

There are many ways clutter can keep you from your best life. (By “you” I mean myself too!)



  • Time used looking for what you need
  • Getting things done on time
  • Being less productive because of distraction of clutter
  • Being less productive having of less work space
  • Time wasted looking for stuff or papers
  • Time used moving stuff around to get to what you need
  • Time having to reorganize when it all build up again


the cost of clutter


  • Less space to use for projects
  • Less surface space for daily tasks
  • Dictates how you use your space because of piles
  • More difficult to clean your home
  • Don’t use room because they are cluttered
  • Rooms aren’t peaceful when cluttered
  • Rooms become storage spaces
  • You avoid spaces that are cluttered


the cost of clutter


  • Money spent to get help getting organized
  • Money spent replacing items lost in clutter
  • Money spent on overdue bills because of lost statements
  • Buying  duplicate items because you aren’t sure where the item is
  • Buying items that are unnecessary to satisfy your need to buy something
  • Money wasted on monthly payment for storage unit
  • Buying unnecessary organizing products


the cost of clutter


  • Stress on relationships
  • Causes stress because of buying more or disorganization
  • Clutter in space causes clutter in mind
  • Can’t think clearly
  • Arguments about cluttered space
  • Keeping your mind cluttered

What would you add to this list?

What are you personally suffering with behind closed doors?

One exercise that may help you to see more clearly what your clutter is costing you is to make a list.

Journaling about your experience and getting honest with your situation in itself can be very freeing!


  • Each room that is being effected by your clutter
  • Each surface that is effected by clutter
  • Every stuffed closet and what it contains
  • Boxes that are stacked and filled
  • What is being hidden behind closed doors?
  • What is hidden in drawers?
  • What is hidden in boxes?
  • Where do you keep all your papers?
  • What do you have stored in other locations?

How does it feel  to see all the answers on your list?

What would your life be like without half, or even one third, of what is on your list?

Pick one space, one area, or even one box or pile to start with.


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