Clever Vertical Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

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Vertical Storage Ideas to Inspire You!

Looking to make more storage in your room or get your floors cleared? Taking advantage of vertical space in your space may be a good solution for you.

Many overlook the possibilities of using vertical space. They are only thinking of the space on the floor. If you have a smaller room, I have found some clever vertical storage solutions for small spaces.

Before you purchase anything or start to hang items you already have at home, I recommend measuring first. I like to lay things out or hold them up so I can see what it may look like or that it would actually be productive or helpful.

Have fun considering all the possibilities to help you increase your storage while creating a beautiful space.


Baskets and Wire Bins on Wall

If you have items that are odd shaped maybe a basket or bin is the way to store them. Baskets and wire bin storage can be perfect for kitchens, craft areas, toy rooms or offices.

Check out how baskets are hung in a children’s room on the blog The Caldwell Project.

Hanging Jars

Hanging jars will take a little more creativity and effort to create. I haven’t tried this idea yet, but would love to since I have so many mason jars! I found a website that gives a few ideas that will help you. Check them out here at The DIY Playbook.

I have seen others use over the door hanging storage but I wasn’t really fond of it.

Not until I started doing some tutoring online and used puppets, I realized I needed to organized them. I was open to the idea of using a shoe rack to not only get my puppets organized, but it became a great background for my classroom online.

Shoe Racks

Shoe racks are not just for shoes anymore! There are so many ways to use both plastic sleeve shoe storage and metal shoe racks.

I chose to use the metal rack for my puppets. I actually had the rack on the outside of my door because the display was so cute! Check our this example.

Wall Racks and Hooks

There are a variety of wall racks, hooks and even baskets that are made for walls. Once you have sorted through your items and you know how much space you need to create for your stuff, you can

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There is a large variety of shelving that you can use to increase the vertical space in your room.

  • Floating shelves
  • Fixed bracket shelves
  • Built in shelves
  • Corner shelves
  • Bookshelves

Determine which type is best for your space. Do you have a sturdy wall? Maybe you don’t want to make holes. Free standing allows you to use shelving in different areas if you rearrange your space.


I love using different baskets and containers on my shelves. It allows me to store many items in one container and it is still looks pretty!

It also makes it easy to take things on and off the shelves.

Photo by Michelle HinckleyMore home office photos


Wall organizers can be very helpful. Organizing things you use everyday like papers, activities and command centers. However, you have to be careful to not hang something that will actually make your space feel more cluttered.

Items that allow you to attach paper or pictures can look really lovely and inspiring, or it can look like a job bulletin board with endless flyers. 

Plan it out, or lay it out in advance to see what it may look like before you start making holes in your wall.

One product I love to use for lighter things I hang on the wall like framed photos, white boards or cork boards, is command strips. They cost a little more, but it saves holes in walls, but I can also take down the items easily, or straighten it easily.


Paper Holders

Pinterest is a great place to get ideas on how to set up wall organizers and different ideas for paper holders.

Looking through photos to see how others have designed their wall organizers may inspire you!

Decide what all you want to organize using your paper holders and wall displays. What is essential? What would help you to be more organized and be resourceful to have at your fingertips?

Once you know what you need, you can narrow down how many different slots you need and what type.

Hanging Files

Some like to use a filing cabinet, but those can be bulky. Our filing cabinet is more for items that we need stored for a period of time.

I like to have files that are more easily accessible for the everyday, ones that I can grab for the kids school or other daily tasks. Hanging files in a command center may be helpful for you. Hanging files is one way to keep things from stacking and organized.


With so many supplies for the variety of crafts that many of us do, getting organized can be helpful.

We can see what we have, and have it at our fingertips by using vertical wall space. You can use wall space or closet wall space to help contain the crafts a little more.


Using vertical space in a room can increase the amount of storage you have available. Especially if you don’t have a closet or cupboards, like for coats or dishes. There are many creative ways to store your items and do it beautifully.

I suggest you plan it all out first before you begin to hang shelves or other items. Make sure it fits well and doesn’t look overdone.

If you hang too much you will just increase the clutter! Ask yourself if it is beautiful to you, functional and helpful.

Enjoy creating your new space!


vertical storage for small spaces

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