Get Organized Using Creative Under Bed Storage

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Find Extra Space in Your Bedroom With Under Bed Storage!

I don’t encourage shoving disorganized stuff under the bed.

I know kids love to do this . . . . and maybe some adults!

It is a quick and easy solution!

However, the space under your bed can be very valuable for items that you don’t use on a regular basis.

You can get organized using creative under bed storage.

Some may say that for Feng Shui reasons, they do not recommend put anything under the bed. Feng Shui experts explain that our body’s are made of energy, and what we sleep on top of, can effect our sleep. I personally feel that if it is organized, and things that we use, it doesn’t disrupt my sleep.

What would disrupt my sleep is knowing that there is trash or disorganization under my bed. But my sleep would be disrupted thinking about a mess anywhere in my house . . . . and it has!


I highly encourage items you choose to store under your bed to be items that you use in your bedroom.

If you store items used in other areas of the home, you will get into the habit of storing items in random places.

Some may wonder why I would think storing things under the bed is ok. For some families storage space, like closets, are very limited. Also, some do not want to have items in their clothes closet that isn’t used year round.

Storing seasonal items can give more space in areas you use every day.


If your child gets bored with toys, you can rotate them. Storing toys under the bed, in a plastic bin to keep them dust free and clean, makes it easy to pull out and switch toys out on a regular basis.

Some children have collections, and they can get out of control. Whether cars, Lego, or Barbies, keeping all like toys in one place and in one container makes it easy for your child, or even grandchildren, to find all the pieces in one place.

Storing toys under the bed without being in a bin or organized is not a good idea.

Keeping toys in a container, especially an enclosed container makes it easy for the kids to take the container in and out from under the bed when they need it.


Are you lacking space in your closet?

Have you donated a number of pieces of your clothing but are still limited in storage space?

Do you have a small space or you like to be able to see your clothes easily? Do you like having extra space between your hanging clothes? Using the storage space under your bed is a great solution.

Storing clothes that are seasonal, is the easiest way to decide what should stay n the closet and what can be stored.

Store them in a container, that is sealed, to avoid dust getting on them. You can also store in a plastic sealed bag.

If you are super low on space in your bedroom, and you need the space under your bed for everyday clothing items, consider containers that make it easy for you to pull it in and out. Otherwise you will avoid it.


Many have accessories that they use only on occasion, like using a special purse a special night out, or sandals that are worn for the summer.

If you don’t have the space in your closet to hold all of your accessories, utilizing the space under your bed may be just the right amount of space necessary.

I recommend pairing down your accessories so you only keep your very favorite pieces. You have this new found space, using under bed storage, but be careful that you should keep everything you have been holding onto, or go out and buy more.

After you sort through your accessories, determine what size container could hold all or purses and accessories, or all of your seasonal shoes or scarves.

Using a container that rolls out easily and has a lid will make it simple to pull out and keep clean under your bed.


If find that storing items under your bed may make your bed unattractive there are some solutions.

I understand that you don’t want to look at bags or boxes that are shoved under your bed. You also want to make it easy for you to get your items in and out of underneath your bed.

Creative Ideas:

  • Bed skirt
  • Bed risers
  • Beautiful baskets
  • Colorful containers
  • Fun labels


Baskets can be so beautiful and works of art!

The only drawback to baskets is wether they have a lid or if they are contained well. Dust may still get into a basket. Or if you have plastic storage bags, like from a comforter or sheets that you bought, you can place your clothes and accessories in the plastic zip bag. You can also use space bags.

Keep it simple. Do create too many layers or ways you need to get to your items or you may avoid using what you stored under your bed.

This is one reason I highly recommend storing items that you don’t use everyday, and more for seasonal storing.

Plastic Containers

Under bed plastic storage containers is one of the easiest ways to create the extra storage under your bed. They are also easy to maintain.

Being plastic, they are easy to wipe down and keep clean.

Be careful not to overstuff your containers. I have found if I overstuff with clothes, there is a smell if clothes are stored with circulation.

If you need to get the plastic smell out of your plastic container before you use for storage, there are some solutions.

DIY Roller Drawers

This is one item I have not made, but I think it is a fantastic idea!

I believe the only downside is if the drawer isn’t covered, like having a lid, dust will get on your objects, unless they are shoes or items in a box, that would work well.

You can learn form watching a DIY video how to make a DIY under bed storage drawers.


Homemade Risers

My husband made risers for my daughter’s bed.

It made it the perfect height in order for her to store her containers with Barbies and collections.

Making them out of wood allows you to paint them the perfect for your bedroom, stain them or leave them natural!

I loved this idea below of using wood palates as not only a bed frame but has the slats for storage. Super creative!

Store Bought Risers

Buying risers from the store may not be as attractive as you like. I have got use to ours, but I realize that aren’t real attractive.

The extra storage it has given us, far out ways the fact that they are brown plastic blocks.

I have considered creating little fabric “capes” for the risers to disguise them, but I am not sure. I don’t want to draw MORE attention to them! It was an inexpensive and easy solution to buy the risers.

How We Use Our Risers?

  • My daughter uses them to store her containers that store extra books and toys in plastic bins
  • I use risers to make space for my rebounder so I can slide under bed along with plastic totes for accessories
  • My husband stores his off-season clothing under the bed

Bed Skirts

I love using this solution to help hide what I have under my bed. I use regular containers, nothing fancy, but I also like to hide my rebounder.

My bedskirt is store bought, as it came with a comforter set I purchased.

I made my daughters from fabric left over from her room makeover. I measured the bed height and length, and sewed a small hem on three sides. I started with velcro to attach the fabric to the bed so I could easily take off to wash if I needed. However, the velcro with sticky backing didn’t work as I had hoped. So staple gun it is!

However, there is a new way to use a bed skirt that could make your life a whole lot easier. Elastic bed skirt!!!


If you are limited on space in your bedroom or in your clothes closet, using additional space under your bed may be a good solution.

Under bed storage solutions should be done in a simple and organized way. It’s possible that one may try to get TOO clever or creative and turns out to look junky or a challenge to pull items in and out from under their bed.

Don’t shove items under, without being organized or contained well. Your items may get damaged, dirty or possibly be forgotten about!

Keep things simple and easy, and you will always find what you need!

Cheering you on!

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  1. I agree that containers are a must when storing things under the bed. Most people aren’t that diligent about keeping it dust-free under there!


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