Creative Ways to Organize Jewelry in Drawers

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Creative Ways to Organize Jewelry in Drawers

If you have a drawer that you can dedicate to your jewelry, here are simple ways to organize jewelry in drawers.

There are many creative ways to get your jewelry organized, and give you the ability to showcase, preserve, and use your pieces more often.

Being able to easily see your pieces, and not have to dig and detangle, will make choosing jewelry fun again!

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3 Steps to Organize the Medicine Cabinet and Keep it That Way!

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How to Organize the Medicine Cabinet

Going through a medicine cabinet can be like a trip down memory lane.  Reminders of illness we once had,  sunscreen bottles from every trip we had ever taken, and nail polish from every decade. Here is how to organize the medicine cabinet and create the space you need.

By pairing down and organizing the medicine cabinet, you can save time and money. Here are some tips to get your cabinet clean and in order.

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