6 things that can waste space in your home

At first glance, you may not see all the items that are wasting space in your home. Maybe they are hidden or behind closed doors.

Many years ago, a TV program called McGyver portrayed a man who always had what he needed in every situation. He was a special agent and a creative troubleshooter. He seemed to have the right things at the right time or a way to make the right thing at the right nail-biting moment in the show.

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How to Declutter Your Bedroom Creating a Restful Space

how to declutter bedroom

Bedroom Organization Ideas and Declutter Checklist

Our bedrooms are very special places

We rest in our bedroom, recover from illnesses there . . . . and so many other things!

One thing that a bedroom is not good for is clutter. Life sucking, to-do distracting, storage piled up clutter.

What would feel better? A hotel like sanctuary or storage room? Here is how to declutter your bedroom and create a restful space!

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Clever Vertical Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

bookshelf organization

Vertical Storage Ideas to Inspire You!

Looking to make more storage in your room or get your floors cleared? Taking advantage of vertical space in your space may be a good solution for you.

Many overlook the possibilities of using vertical space. They are only thinking of the space on the floor. If you have a smaller room, I have found some clever vertical storage solutions for small spaces.

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Best Toy Organizers for the SMALLEST Spaces!

baby toys

Toy Hacks and Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Have you ever felt like your children’s or grandchildren’s toys have taken over your space? Does it feel overwhelming in your small space, or do you not know where to start?

I can understand, having three kids of my own, how it can feel like toys multiply like bunnies. Let’s talk about simple and easy ways to go from mess to success with the best toy organizers for the smallest spaces!

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Simple and Creative Hair Dryer Storage Ideas

hairdryer organization

Keep Bathroom Counter from Attracting Hair Dryer Clutter!

Countertops easily collect clutter. When we are in a hurry, it is so easy to drop what we are using on the countertop.

Of course we have the best of intention to come back and clean it up later . . . . . or not.

These simple and creative hair dryer storage ideas will make it easy for you to keep your counter clear and effortless to put everything away when you are finished getting ready each day.

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Inspiring Desktop Organization Ideas for the Office

desktop organization

Steps to Get Your Desk Organized and Stress Free!

You are on an important call and need to write information down quick!

Where in the world is a piece of paper? Why can’t I find a pen when I know I own five million of them?

It can be frustrating to spend time searching for what we need while working, feeling that something so simple that shouldn’t be so complicated!

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