Top Closet Organizers for Accessories

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top closet organizers for accessories

Top Closet Organizers for Accessories

It’s overwhelming in a crowded clothes closet.

Do you feel your space is overrun with wardrobe accessories?

How is it possible to find what you want to wear to work, when you feel like you are dumpster diving in your closet?

If we have too many choices, it’s hard to make decisions on what to wear AND how to store it all.

Let’s start by downsizing wardrobe accessories, then get excited to explore top closet organizers for accessories!

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This is essential and makes it easier to keep organized and make faster decisions when you are getting ready.

You may feel that having more choices will make it easier to put together an outfit, but the opposite is true.




1. Layout Your Pieces

Before you begin donating accessories and find organizing solutions for your closet, empty your closet accessories and layout your pieces. If you have enough space, laying out your items on your bed or on a table will allow you to see everything that you own. You may be surprised at how many belts and scarfs you have embedded in your closet.

2. Try It All On

It’s all laid out. Try on each piece on and decide what accessories go with outfits you have in your closet. I encourage you to not think about what outfit you may want to have in future, or how cute something looked on you ten years ago. Try each scarf and accessory to make sure you wear it well and it brings a smile to your face. You know that feeling. When you find clothing that you are excited about and feel good in. Same for your accessories.

3. Keep Only What You Love 

Why feel obligated to keep jewelry and scarfs that you don’t like? You may feel it is wasteful to donate or giveaway what you no longer enjoy or wear. However, someone else will love it, just like you once did. Bless someone else with accessories that will be perfect for them, and keep the ones that are perfect for you. Sort through all of your accessories and keep what you know you will wear and love, and box up the rest.

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Once you have downsized your accessories, create a simple system to keep your accessories not only organized, but easy to see and get to.

Piling is never a good system for anything.

Hanging items vertically is a great system. If you can’t hang your accessories, having a way to divide your items in a drawer or a storage box can be effective.

It’s amazing when you have less you can feel like you actually have more!

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Creating a space that is pretty and easy to store items will increase the chances of it staying organized. It’s not necessary to purchase built in closet installations.

You can use simple closet organizers for your accessories, giving you more space and making it beautifully displayed. Here are a few creative ideas to help:

Install hooks in your closet for belts, scarves or jewelry

Install decorative door pulls on the wall in bedroom for jewelry and other accessories

Use drawer dividers to keep accessories easily separated and organized

Use baskets or storage cubes to organize purses and bags, keeping them off floor


Hanging Closet Organizer for Purses, Handbags, Satchels, Backpacks, Scarves, Pashminas, Slings, Closet AccessoriesHanging Closet Organizer for Purses,  Backpacks, Scarves, Closet AccessoriesChevron Fabric Hanging Closet 6-Shelf Sweater Organizer, 10-Shelf Shoe Organizer - Set of 2, Taupe/NaturalChevron Fabric Hanging Closet 6-Shelf Sweater Organizer, 10-Shelf Shoe OrganizerClassico Closet Organizer Rack for Ties, Belts - 14 Hooks, SatinClassico Closet Organizer Rack for Ties, Belts – 14 Hooks, Satin


I love my hanging closet shelves. I keep all my sweatshirts and t-shirts in the larger one, and shoes in the smaller one. Saves so much space!

By implementing these ideas you will be able to successfully downsize your wardrobe accessories and use top closet organizers for your accessories.

You will save time looking for what you need when choosing what to wear, you will save space having less to store, and you will have less to clean and manage with your wardrobe!

Enjoy your new organized wardrobe!


Top closet organizers for accessories


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