Three Simple Steps to Get and Stay Organized

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how to get organized at home ideas

Simple Steps to Help You Get Organized and Stay Organized!

Do you ever get discouraged thinking about getting organized?  Do you worry that once you spend time getting organized you won’t be able to stay organized? Here are three simple ways to get and STAY organized!

As you implement these ideas, be patient with yourself and your progress. Everyone is different, and some projects are more complicated than others.

Getting organized can take much longer than we think. If you are consistently chipping away at your organizing projects, you will see progress before you know it!

Even if you don’t have an office space in your kitchen, you can create a space where you can get control of your papers in the kitchen!

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Here are three ways to get AND stay organized:


Write Down Organizing Project Ideas

  • You can use a notebook to make list or you can make a mind map of goals.
  • List what IS working for you in your space, what ISN’T working for you.
  • Brainstorm on how you want to use your space.
  • How do you want to feel in the room?


get and stay organized



Purge Thoughtfully

  • Take your time but don’t over think each item or area you are sorting.
  • Don’t feel you are in a rush or second guess yourself.
  • Go with your gut when sorting through your belongings.
  • As you get the hang of purging, you will know more and more what truly needs to go.
  • Have an extra box for items that you aren’t positive you want to part with yet.
  • You can keep this box in storage for a couple months and then decide.



Take Photos

  • Take ‘before’ pictures before you start your project.
  • It may not seem like you are making progress if it’s a larger project.
  • You will be encouraged by your transformation by glancing at your “before” photos.
  • Stepping away from the project and taking breaks will give you fresh perspective.
  • Reminding yourself of where you started and the progress made by taking progress photos.
  • The photos can help keep you focused on your desired outcome.
  • Take “after” photos when project is complete.
  • Keeping the photos will help keep the space organized and you motivated!

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You are on your way to being more organized and keeping it that way! 

Planning your organizing project, purging as much as possible, and having the photos to keep you motivated, is the best way to get and stay organized!

Cheering you on to a more simple life!

The Unclutter Angel



how to get organized at home ideas


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