Decluttering Flat Surfaces Can Inspire You!

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declutter flat surfaces

Clear Your Surface, Clear Your Mind!

When you look at your counter top, table top, or work space, what is the first thing you see

Are there remnants of yesterday’s meal?  Do you have a project spread out that you started a month ago? 

Do you have a stack of papers that is ready to fall faster than a Jenga tower? 

If so, consider the benefits of decluttering your flat surface and how it can inspire you.



Wood Desktop Organizer with Closing Door, WhiteWood Desktop Organizer with Closing Door, White

I feel overwhelmed if I walk into the kitchen when it hasn’t been cleaned or items from projects have been left on the counter top or table top.

It can be a challenge when you have many family members who all use the same space.

However, when you have a system in place, and help each other, you can keep surface areas around the home clear.

By keeping surfaces clear, especially in the kitchen, you have a better chance of feeling inspired with a clear mind to plan and cook yummy meals.

The space also gives you the opportunity to spread your stuff out when working on a project or cooking, as opposed to feeling cramped and frustrated.

Keep your surfaces clear and your mind will follow.

Clean my surface


Smart Desk OrganizerSmart Desk Organizer

If you have your surfaces covered, how are you able to start something new?

By having your surfaces covered, you are saying that you want to stay stuck in the past.

By taking the time to clear your surfaces, you are opening up your space for opportunities.

They could be opportunities for your work because you have cleared your desk. It could be opportunities to cook for guests, showing them hospitality and love.

Lastly, it could be the opportunity to create something beautiful and share your talents with the world by clearing your desk or table top.

Having a desk or table top organizer can give you the space to organize your papers and other supplies you need. Keep your surfaces clear and opportunities will appear!



Have you ever seen a blank canvas that an artist would use? 

When you stare at a blank canvas or blank sheet of paper, it has so many opportunities for events and ideas to be expressed. 

Do you ever feel like you can’t work on what you would like because you are surrounded with all you haven’t already completed? 

What piles and projects that aren’t completed can be done away with? 

It could be a difficult decision to make, but you are holding yourself in bondage by holding onto projects and stuff that you are no longer interested in, inspired by, or have no intention of finishing. 

Give your self permission to release it. 

Clear your surfaces of your past, creating a “blank canvas”, and see the inspiration flow.

What would you love to do with a big clear space in your home?


It is amazing when we declutter our flat surfaces, how they can inspire us!

How would it feel to finally get your space clear?

Cheering you on to a more simple life!

The Unclutter Angel


declutter flat surfaces

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  1. I find that clearing off just one area of the house can be so soothing! Gives you space to think.


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