Professional Organizer Speaker

I love to share my ideas, systems and solutions and seek to inspire attendees to take action.

Being an artist at heart, I am able to look at organizing opportunities in a creative way. I’ll present productive and effective solutions whether it is in my writing, with a client, or for a group.

Using visuals to help drive home ideas, I feel it is important to make my presentations interactive when possible. Whether I use powerpoint, illustrations or handouts, attendees can leave having strategies they can personalize and implement to their space.

I am open to discussing possible topics that will fit your group. Please contact me and we can discuss how I can serve you and your group.


Clutter, Emotions and EFT Professional Organizer Speaker

Clutter and piling stuff in our home and spaces can effect the way we feel and how we operate.

We will talk about the different emotions we face when struggling with our clutter and how we can make changes in our thoughts using different methods including EFT, The Emotional Freedom Technique.

This presentation is both informational and hands on. Those who want to participate in “EFT”, also known as tapping, will have the opportunity to help address struggling emotions around their clutter.


Downsizing isn’t just for those who are retiring or those who are moving out of their home. We are living in a time where more and more people are looking to simplify life.

Downsizing these days are for all stages of life!

Attendees will get clarity on what their goals are for downsizing, what the next steps are, and what their strategy can be moving forward.

If they are looking to live a more simple life, living on a smaller scale, or ready for retirement, this presentation will help to give them the clarity and direction they need to get started and feel good about it!

Learning to Let Go of Sentimental Items

Whether downsizing, your children are leaving home, a loved one has passed, or one is experiencing life changes, sometimes making decisions about sentimental stuff can be difficult.

This presentation will give good questions to ask ourselves, and the steps one can take to keep moving forward and not get stuck in emotional decision making. This isn’t an easy subject, but seems that many hold onto so much because of the emotional feeling behind inanimate objects.

Attendees will go home with handout that includes questions and steps to deal with sentimental items helping them to begin the process of letting go!


  • Colorado Free University
  • MOPS Programs – (Mothers of Preschoolers)
  • Women’s Business Networking Groups
  • In-Home Private Group Presentations
  • Libraries



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Looking forward to speaking with you on how I can serve you and your group!

It is an honor to work with people online and offline to help them get relief from the stress and overwhelm..

Cheering you on to a more simple life!

The Unclutter Angel

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