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...Change Your Life

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Clutter and piling stuff in our home and spaces can effect the way we feel in our home and in our minds.

We will talk about the different emotions we face when struggling with our clutter and how we can make changes in our thoughts using different methods including EFT, The Emotional Freedom Technique.

This presentation is both informational and hands on. Those who want to participate in “EFT”, also known as tapping, will have the opportunity to help address struggling emotions around their clutter.

Some may not see the connection between our stuff and our minds. 

Have you ever walked into a room and wanted to walk right out? That is the effect of being unorganized and having clutter. It can have an effect on our minds and bodies.

What if you could learn to not only let go of the clutter in your space, but also in your mind? How would things change for you if you knew that your surroundings, whether at home or work, is a reflection of what is going on in your mind?

When working with me we will do both! It can be a very powerful experience to not only get organized but feel clutter-free in your mind.

Eliminating Anxiety and Clutter

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Learning to Let Go of Stuff With Ease


Whether downsizing, your children are leaving home, a loved one has passed, or one is experiencing life changes, sometimes making decisions about sentimental stuff can be difficult.

This presentation will give good questions to ask ourselves, and the steps one can take to keep moving forward and not get stuck in emotional decision making. This isn’t an easy subject, but seems that many hold onto so much because of the emotional feeling behind inanimate objects.

Attendees will go home with handout that includes questions and steps to deal with sentimental items helping them to begin the process of letting go!

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Virtual Organizing Coach

  • Are having a difficult time getting started on your projects?
  • Do you wish you had a plan on how to create a peaceful space?
  • Does the stress of disorganization or letting go of your items cause anxiety or feeling paralyzed?

You may find letting go of items is difficult, you feel anxiety about the whole process, or maybe you don’t know where to start. We can work together to eliminate the blocks that are holding you back from making decisions. We can create a plan to unclutter not only your space but your mind.


  • Help guide you with your project
  • Guidance and support to make decisions
  • Use a simple process called EFT, to help with the emotions and thoughts that may be causing blocks.

 Many times our belongings can have an emotional element to it, or one may have habits that don’t support keeping a space organized. That’s why someone may get organized but can’t stay organized.

Each session includes:

  • One hour Skype call
  • Guidance to identify your needs and issues to address
  • Coaching and tapping in each session
  • Next steps after the session
  • Post-session email follow-up
  • Non-judgmental support and guidance
  • Email access to ask questions

Using EFT, the emotional freedom technique. some call it tapping, is completely optional.

Benefits to using a Virtual Organizing coach:

  • Access to a Professional Organizer wherever you live
  • Don’t need to find babysitter for in-home session
  • For those who like moving your own things
  • You get the encouragement, guidance, accountability and coaching you need but on your terms and work on project when it is best for you
  • We work on decluttering both your space and your mind!





Presentation Topics

  • Letting Go of Stuff With Ease
  • Eliminating Anxiety and Clutter

Do you have a group of people that would benefit from some organizational advice?

Email me at for more information about how I can help you!

Groups Angela Has Presented to Include:

  • Colorado Free University
  • MOPS Programs (Mothers of Preschoolers)
  • Women’s Business Networking Groups
  • In-Home Private Group Presentations
  • Libraries
  • Online Events

What My clients are saying

“I felt much more organized after Angela’s assistance, which helps me in my busy schedule. Her ideas are unique and cost effective, which is always helpful. I have been able to spend more time on other things that need my attention. It is a great example to pass along to your children when they see organization in the household. Angela helped that process along.”
Amy M.
"Before the Unclutter Angel, the kids' playroom made my anxiety level go up every time I walked by it. I literally would shut the door so I didn't have to see the huge mess that would take me weeks to even begin to tackle! Now I leave the door to their playroom open and smile every time I walk by because my kids are able to have space to play and are able to clean up quickly now that it's organized so well"
Julie B.
“Thank you all for the support and encouragement in my journey of getting organized. My house on the outside is organized and clean...but as you have seen my "hidden" areas need work. I am doing those areas that have not been touched in 25 years. Thank you Angela for setting me on the path of organization...I am feeling freer!!!.”
Midge N.
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