Fun and Quick Solutions Using a Student Locker Organizer

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Fun and Quick Solutions Using a Student Locker Organizer

Whether your teen is a pro using their locker at school, or they are new to the world of lockers, being organized can make or break the flow of their day.

You probably remember, (as my kids would say “back in the day”), kids at school who had two kinds of organizing skills with lockers. Ones that were impeccably organized and decorated like the Taj Mahal, and those who as soon as they opened the locker door stuff would fall out.

It’s important to have an organized locker so your student can find what they need, like homework they need to turn in, and get to class on time. Here are some fun and quick solutions using a student locker organizer and more creative ideas!



Having a locker is having ones own personal space, and like having their own office! It’s a place that is your teen’s own outside of the home, (unless one decides to share with a friend), and hold personal items for school.

While I don’t recommend leaving valuable items in a locker, it can still be a place that helps your teen to stay organized throughout the day.

I do recommend checking with school to see what the guidelines are, if any, on decorating lockers.

My oldest didn’t care to deal with a locker in high school. He’d rather carry everything on his back. I don’t know how he did it with all the heavy books they are expected to have for class!

Some students like to keep their extra items and books in their car. That can be inconvenient if they are in a hurry between classes. While other students don’t have the option of a car, so an organized locker to hold all they need for the day is important.



I know my daughter gets so excited about the idea of decorating her locker. Thanks to a few girls who went bananas with their decorating one year in middle school, my daughter too wanted to create a special place just her own. I can understand it, I remember liking the idea of my own space!


  • Lockers can very in size. Some schools offer full lockers, and some offer half lockers. Some wider than others.
  • Measure space. If you are new to the school, take the time to check out the inside of a locker, like at back to school night or registration day. Then you can accurately plan your interior locker design!
  • Don’t overdo it! One young lady at my kids previous school added a mini chandelier in her locker. I kid you not. It was to scale of the locker, but it still dangled and took up space. If you have the extra room, then by all means, light it up!
  • Your teen needs all the space possible for all their books, binders, coats and bags to store. Especially if you have seasons that will include storing a big fat winter coat!


locker decorations




Here are ideas on how you can create a unique locker without wasting valuable space:

  • Apply wrapping paper or memory book paper to wall paper the locker door or the whole locker
  • Cut out photos from magazines of things they like to do or look at
  • Hang photos of family and friends
  • Install a mini chalk board or dry erase board for message or to-do items

Paper and photos can be hung with regular tape, or use Command Strips for items with hard backs if they don’t have magnets.  These strips are sturdy and very easy to peel off and remove at the end of the school year.


Five Star Locker Light, 7.5 x 1.62 Inches, TealFive Star Locker Light, 7.5 x 1.62 Inches, TealLadder Locker Organizer - Hanging ShelvesLadder Locker Organizer – Hanging ShelvesTri-Pocket with Dry Erase Surface, 7 x 7.5 InTri-Pocket with Dry Erase Surface, 7 x 7.5 In



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Adding an additional shelfs can make a difference in whether or not things can stack easily. If books and binders are piled, papers and books can get bent and damaged. These don’t need to be fancy, they can be simple and a snap to install.

Many lockers have a small upper shelf, so adding additional lower shelf can maximize the space. Hanging shelves are an option too! The purple shelf below can be hung on the existing hooks in locker and has two smaller hooks under it for coats.

Below are a couple ideas to give the additional space needed:


Locker Shelf Extender, PurpleLocker Shelf Extender, PurpleExtra Tall Locker Shelf and DrawerExtra Tall Locker Shelf and Drawer



If your family is more crafty and you have the time, make your own locker shelf. You can create a shelf out of hard cardboard or wood.

If you use wood, to make your shelf more colorful, you can paint the three pieces first before putting them together. Or decorate the cardboard with magazine pictures, marker designs, or wrapping paper. The website,, offers step by step instructions to make shelf:







I can’t image if one day lockers weren’t made of metal! Lockers being metal is very helpful when hanging items, and not having to deal with tape. Plus it is a cinch to clear out the locker at the end of the school year. 

The hooks featured below are helpful if you want to hang extra coats, hats, or bag. They’re also helpful when using the hanging shelf shown above, if locker doesn’t have the extra hooks to hang it on.

Here are a few easy ideas to make your locker super functional!


(4) Heavy Duty Magnetic Hanging Hook Set(4) Heavy Duty Magnetic Hanging Hook SetMagnetic Pencil Cup, Brushed Stainless SteelMagnetic Pencil Cup, Brushed Stainless SteelMagnetic Locker Mirror & Light, Bright PinkMagnetic Locker Mirror & Light, Bright Pink



If you want to keep things simple, and your teen doesn’t want the extra work of decorating, school locker organizer kits are perfect! The kits make it easy to pick what suits your needs or the style you like.

There are a number to chose from, with a variety of contents. I found a few for guys and girls below.


Lockermate 7 Piece Tall Wire Locker Kit (Pink)Lockermate 7 Piece Tall Wire Locker Kit (Pink)7 - Piece Blue Locker Kit Including Locker Shelf7 – Piece Blue Locker Kit Including Locker ShelfPink Lace Flower Bin, Pink Rug, Gem Magnets, PartyMoji Magnet SetPink Lace Flower Bin, Pink Rug, Gem Magnets, PartyMoji Magnet Set



A few additional items you can keep in your locker to have on hand just in case:

  • Small makeup bag with supplies, including feminine supplies
  • Extra pencil bag with school supplies
  • Snacks for the day/week


I look at a school locker as a space for your teen to control outside of the home. Yes, it’s just a locker. But it is their personal space that they can create all their own.

This also means the opportunity to use organizing skills that will help them while they are at school. Just like those who go to an office and have a desk, people want to organize their office to suit them and how they function.

Skills they are learning, even on a smaller scale, will benefit them later on!

Happy Organizing!


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