Easy Ways to Organize a School Backpack for Success!

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organize school backpack
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Easy Ways to Organize a School Backpack for Success!

Have you ever unloaded your child’s backpack and been blown away at the contents? An old sandwich from weeks ago, forgotten socks from soccer practice last season, or papers for picture day you lost your mind trying to find!

Your student may be older, and responsible for maintaining their backpack. Even if they “don’t need your help”, or at least that’s what they say, your teen may be open to helpful solutions or “suggestions” to organize a school backpack!

It’s important to have an organized backpack in order to find homework easily and not waste time with a busy schedule at school.



Packs that only have one zippered area, tend to be harder to keep organized. Have you ever tried to keep a purse organized that only has one pocket?

Unless one has a good system in place, your child will find themselves rummaging through their backpack’s contents. I know this can be frustrating and a waste of time.

When you only have a few minutes to get from one class to the next and change out the contents of your bag, it makes it super easy to have multiple compartments.

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To organize and make the most of the space in the backpack:

Separate Items –  Small loose school supplies, paper products like binders, folders, books, and personal items.

Load Backpack – Use different compartments for grouped items. The largest is perfect for computer, books and notebooks. Smaller compartments are great for pencil bags, personal items including any seasonal gear and toiletries. 

Small Compartments – Many backpacks come with a few smaller pockets or little secret compartments. These are great  for easy to access items and small items that would otherwise get lost. Items like keys, chapstick, or wallet are great items to keep in a safe zippered small compartment.




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Using a pencil case for a backpack is perfect not only for pens and pencils, but for smaller items that can easily get lost in the bottom of the bag. My daughter loves to have her fun and colorful pencil cases to hold her school supplies and more!

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Here are a few ideas of things that are perfect to keep in pencil case:

  • Extra makeup items and chapstick
  • Snacks for the day
  • Gum and mints
  • Band-aids and pain reliever (for older kiddos)
  • Feminine products







My sister recently shared with me how one of her son’s has different classes on different days in high school. Because of his schedule, and a number of books to carry, she thought of having more than one backpack for her son.

I thought this was a great idea!

Of course this is a solution for older students. If a student doesn’t have access to a locker, and some schools have that issue with more kids than lockers, making sure a student’s backpack isn’t too and heavy is important. Who wants to walk around with a pack that feels like it has cement blocks in it!

Having separate bags for students who play sports can help too. A bag can be kept in a car, hall locker, or gym locker.

My older son had two bags, that way he didn’t need to keep switching out his stuff between school and basketball. I’m sure that would get old real quick!



I know my kids get excited when the new school year is starting and they have the potential for a new backpack!

I don’t like to buy a new one if the previous year’s still in good shape.

But, if you are looking to have multiple, using a previous year’s pack and finding a new one is a good plan.

Your kid’s success may depend on how prepared they are with their backpack. There are many ways to organize a school backpack. Experiment and see what works best for your student!


organize school backpack


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  1. What a great article! Very timely, as my youngest registers as a freshman in high school this afternoon. Thanks for the great tips.

    • Glad you got some good ideas! I am amazed at how much student have to carry around in their backpack!


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