Best Ways to Organize and Store Scarves in a Closet and SAVE SPACE!

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How to Organize Scarves, Ties, and More in a Closet

Scarves may not take up much space, but they can store awkwardly. Scarves have many textures, lengths, and thicknesses; some are easier to store than others. Here are the best ways to organize scarves in a closet . . . AND SAVE SPACE!

There are methods for organizing scarves in drawers. I have done this myself.

Storing scarves in a drawer can be a pain since you must ensure they get folded and back in place after each use.

Before you begin to organize your scarves:

  1. Sort through them and wear what you want to hang in your closet. Give away or donate the rest; try not to store it somewhere else “just in case.”
  2. Wash the remaining scarves if you haven’t already. Starting fresh with your organizing project is key!


Tips for Washing Scarves

The washing method depends on the fabric the scarf is made of.

No matter the type of material your scarf is made from, you’ll want to keep it from getting stretched or tangled up with other items if you use the washing machine instead of hand wash.

Using a mesh wash bag can keep your delicate items from getting damaged and save you time from having to hand wash them.

washing Silk

Dry clean or hand wash in cold water with mild detergent. It can be washed in a machine with a silk setting and a mesh bag. Air dry.

washing Wool

Dry clean, hand wash, or machine wash with mild detergent, avoiding warm water to avoid shrinking. Using a mesh bag will help to avoid stretching. Air dry.


Wash in cold water, using a mesh bag, to avoid piling from happening. A mesh bag helps to separate other garments that may cause lint. Lint is challenging to remove from fleece.

Hand Knit

Because a large variety of yarn and wool is used, if you don’t know precisely what the scarf is made out of, hand washing may be a safer option using gentle soap. Air dry.


Dry clean or hand wash in cold water with mild detergent. You can use a machine if a mesh bag is used and a setting is available on the machine.

Some machines have very specific settings to accommodate different types of fabrics and settings for hand wash. You will probably not wash your scarf after each use to preserve the fabric.

Hanging Scarf Organizer

A hanging scarf organizer can be easier to use and save more space than keeping it in a drawer.

Using a scarf hanger helps make it easier to get your scarf back where it belongs at the end of the day, and it’s super easy to see your choices.

You won’t remember what you have when your scarves are tucked away in your drawer.

I have my scarves in my drawer, but I am switching to hanging them in my closet so I can see everything!

I love scarves, and it’s disappointing that I keep forgetting to incorporate them into my wardrobe because I can’t see them. Now I have the perfect solution!

Not only can you hang scarves on the hanger, but you can use it for ties as well as leggings!

Organize Accessories in Closet

Like scarfs, other wardrobe accessories are more accessible to store when hung in a closet.

Accessories can include:

  • Ties
  • Belts
  • Tights
  • Leggings
  • Purses
  • Camis and tank tops

Here is mine from my closet:

Clever Container Hanging Organizers

I like that these organizing hangers are easy to move around and use in my closet. 

Using fun and creative tools to keep your items organized makes keeping your closet and accessories organized and accessible easier than ever!

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