How to Easily Organize Makeup for Teen Girls

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organize makeup for teen girlsHow to Easily Organize Makeup for Teen Girls

It is amazing the variety of makeup that is available. Makeup stores offer rotating sales and new products constantly, and the makeup teenage girls buy can really add up. If you are a young lady who loves to wear makeup, or are a parent of a daughter that enjoys makeup, here is how to easily organize makeup for teen girls.



I love watching my daughter enjoy putting on her makeup. She is an artist. It’s amazing to me how she learned how to use the palettes and tools, when I hardly wear makeup at all!

She has taught me a few things about makeup, and I have taught her a few things about organizing it!

Having your makeup organized will help you keep track of what you have on hand, avoid buying duplicates, and easily manage to keep your makeup current and fresh.




If you have the space or you are looking to add a drawer set to your space, using drawers for makeup organization helps to keep everything out of site. It’s amazing how much counter space bathroom items can take up.

Drawer Organizers for Makeup

It’s a good idea to measure your drawer space before you purchase drawer organizers. They aren’t expensive, but it will save you time having to return them. If they don’t seem to fit even after you measured, you can always use them in your desk drawer or kitchen drawer.

The perfect drawer organizers for makeup are:

Break-Resistant Clear Plastic Drawer Organizers | 6 Piece SetBreak-Resistant Clear Plastic Drawer Organizers | 6 Piece Set

– Ones that aren’t too tall so they can slide in and out without getting stuck

Clear containers make it easy to see what the contents are without having to remove from drawer

– Easy to keep clean and wipe out

Using the drawer dividers will make it easy for you to find what you need. It will also keep eye shadows from getting banged up resulting in getting broken. (You can tell I am speaking from experience)

The dividers also help you to see what you have so you don’t buy duplicates. Buying duplicates can be a waste of money since makeup has a short shelf life. (I made this mistake when I bought multiple mascaras because of a “sale”) They don’t last for long!

3-Section Clear Drawer Organizer, Small3-Section Clear Drawer Organizer, SmallBreak-Resistant Plastic Drawer Organizers 12Break-Resistant Plastic Drawer Organizers 12



You may have the space to have your makeup and accessories stored on your vanity or bathroom counter. Because make up is so colorful, if organized nicely, it can look very decorative!



Makeup Tray Organizer

These organizers are very cool because they can beautifully display your makeup. There are a large variety of makeup tray organizers, just depending on the amount of space you have on your counter or vanity.

Organizers with different compartments can be perfect for keeping products upright, like nail polish, or products from getting damaged, like eye shadow.


Acrylic Jewelry & Cosmetic Storage Display Boxes Two Pieces Set.Acrylic Cosmetic Storage Display Boxes 2-Pieces SetAcrylic Flower Cosmetic and Makeup Brush HolderAcrylic Flower Cosmetic and Makeup Brush Holder

Makeup Tote Organizers

If you don’t have space for your makeup supplies in drawers or on a counter, a tote is a perfect solution!

A makeup tote organizer is helpful since it can be taken anywhere to put makeup on. If siblings share a bathroom, grabbing a makeup tote and taking it to another bathroom or another mirror in home, makes it easy. (It’s all about keeping the peace with the siblings!)

My kids use plastic totes like ones used for carrying cleaning supplies. These are easy to keep clean.

Here are a couple super cute tote ideas.


Cosmetic Organizer and Makeup Tote Caddy - Large, MintCosmetic Organizer and Makeup Tote Caddy – Large, MintMakeup Organizer Bag , Travel Compartment Handbag with 13 Inserts holder , Best for Coupon and make up accessories Large Liner Organizing Tote Purse with hanging handle (Black)Makeup Organizer Bag – Large Liner with hanging handle Black



My daughter, an experienced teen, shows us how she likes to organize her drawers: 


When Should You Throw Away Makeup?

Just like with food and other perishables, makeup expires too. They may not have the date on the product, but they don’t last for years. (I know you don’t have your favorite bright blue eye shadow from the 80’s, but someone reading this may!)

This list are suggestions that I found in my research, giving how long each product lasts. There are no hard fast rules. (Your mascara will not blow up if you keep it too long)

  • Concealer: Up to a year
  • Eye Shadow: Up to three years
  • Cleansers: Up to a year
  • Foundation: Water-based – up to one year, Oil-based – up to a year and a half
  • Lip Liner: Up to three years
  • Lipstick: Up to two years
  • Makeup Brushes: Wash every 2-3 month with mild detergent
  • Makeup Sponges: Toss each month. Like kitchen sponges, they contain bacteria
  • Mascara: Up to four months
  • Nail Polish: Says up to a year, check the quality. (I have had polishes for way longer!!)
  • Pencil Eyeliner: Up to three years
  • Powder: Up to two years

It’s interesting how when I have less supplies, I feel I have more. When I have more choices, so much can be wasted!

There are many fun and clever ways on how to easily organize makeup for teen girls. You may find that the more organized the makeup, the more use you will get out of what you already have, and find that you will buy less.

To your success!




organize makeup for teen girls

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  1. A lot of my makeup is expired based on your list. I really need to learn to organize better 🙂

    • These are general guidelines to keep makeup at their freshest, Cassie. Hope you got some fun ideas to organize your makeup! Thanks for visiting!


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