Living With Less Stuff . . . and Feeling Free!

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How to Get Rid of Things and be Happy With Less

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by your surroundings and your stuff?  Some can not imagine what their life would look like without all they own and collect. 

But can you imagine for a moment what your life would be like with less?  Less to manage, less to clean, and less to think about.

Today is a new day.  A day to set yourself free.

How do you know if you are being controlled by your stuff?

1.  You are thinking daily about how you need to organize and clean up.

2.  You feel like you are always ‘moving’ stuff around, not necessarily organizing.

3.  You have multiples of one item, and not using them.

4.  You feel overwhelmed in your space and feel like you are being suffocated by surroundings.

5.  You feel like you NEED everything you already have, and still want more, and never being satisfied.

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 You know if this is you, because you can feel it in the pit of your stomach.  That’s the sign that you are being controlled by your stuff and you are not free.

The next questions is, are you ready to be set free from the bondage of your stuff?  Are you ready to be available for new opportunities and to be all that God created you to be?

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Before you start to think about getting organized, let’s talk about the mindset. By working on mindset, you will be more open to the changes that you want to make.

One tool I use with my clients is EFT, also called tapping. EFT is a great tool to help make shifts in our thinking and help us to get clarity on the situation.

Once we can have clarity on the situation, moving forward with our organizing project and being able to make decisions is that much easier.


If you aren’t familiar with the basics on EFT, also called tapping, you can find the details here.

This tool, EFT, can take you from stress to peace in a short period of time. It can also give you clarity and new ideas about your situation.

Let’s begin!

Karate Chop:  (Set-up Statement)

  • Even though I have fond memories of what this item represents, I deeply love and accept myself.
  • Even though I am worried about letting go of this stuff, I deeply love and accept myself.
  • Even though I’m worried about what would happened if I need this later, I love and accept who I am right now.



I want to get organized, but I am afraid to let go of some of my stuff.

Side of Eye:

I am scared to let go because I may need this stuff later.

Under Eye:

I paid good money for this stuff, I hate to think that I wasted all of this.

Under Nose:

Or maybe my friend or family member will get mad at me if they find out that I got rid of this.


I have all these reasons to hold on, but I feel overwhelmed thinking about having it all. It’s always in my face.

Collar Bone:

I’m worried about what I am going to lose if I make choices to let go.

Under arm:

I’m not clear on what my goal is, maybe that’s where I need to start.

Top of Head:

I am picturing how I want to feel in my space, and it feels good.


Eye brow:

Because I can picture how I want to feel and how it looks, that gives me a starting point.

Side of Eye:

What if I used those pictures I see in my mind to help motivate me and give me direction.

Under Eye:

I am the one that lives here, not everyone who keeps giving me stuff.

Under nose:

This space has to be about me, and I want to be happy living here.


Having too much stuff is not making me happy, I feel overwhelmed!

Collar Bone:

I only want to manage a small amount of stuff, and then I will have less to do!

Under Arm:

I am feeling more free already. I can see how my stuff effects my thoughts and how I feel.

Top of head:

I am happy I am doing this for me. No guilt, no pressure. A few things may be hard to let go of, but I can focus on my end goal.



Making the decisions to make my space and life better is already a big choice.

Side of Eye:

Imagine what I can do with my space, time and money not having all this stuff in my house!

Under Eye:

Would this stuff really make an impact on me if it wasn’t in my house? Probably not.

Under Nose:

I can make a memory book for the really special things. I can remember them in a special memory book, and not cluttering my cabinets and shelves.


Everything being stuffed in drawers are not serving me well. It’s taking up space that I could be using for something else.

Collar Bone:

My friends and family members don’t want me to hang onto things if I don’t really want them. I don’t need to buy things that aren’t going to make my life better.

Under arm:

I am getting a more clear picture on what my goals are for my space and mind, and it feels good.

Top of Head:

I am so grateful I have steps I can take to move forward. I can let go, I can create space in my home and mind, and it could totally change my life if I allow it to. I will move forward one step at a time. I’ll take small steps so I won’t get overwhelmed and I can keep moving forward.

Take a deep breath.

I hope that by doing the tapping rounds, you were able to get some clarity and seeing how living with less can be beneficial.


Living with less can mean something different to everyone.

You decide what that is for you.

I am not one to say there are specific guidelines. What I do is help people to create a life and space they feel good about. That includes saving time and money and releasing emotional clutter

Clarity on your goals and how you want to feel in your space is always possible. If you are still stressed about the idea of organizing and letting go of items, do more tapping. Change the wording to fit your situation, make it personal to you.

You can also do some journaling about your thoughts. Get specific about your goals, what it would be like living with less stuff and the steps that you can take to get there. With your steps laid out, and accountability if you like that, you will make progress!

Your new life is waiting for you!  


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