Inspiring Desktop Organization Ideas for the Office

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desktop organization

Steps to Get Your Desk Organized and Stress Free!

You are on an important call and need to write information down quick!

Where in the world is a piece of paper? Why can’t I find a pen when I know I own five million of them?

It can be frustrating to spend time searching for what we need while working, feeling that something so simple that shouldn’t be so complicated!

Clear desktops can help us to be focused and productive, and not a piled up time-waster. Whether at home or at the office, feel good about where you work!

Follow these steps to finally get your work space ready for productivity!


Make this a simple process, not painful. If you need to break it down into 10 or 15 minute sessions, do that. Set a timer, and work hard during that time, then take a break.

Before you know it, your desk will be cleared and ready!

Keeping the task simple you will:

  • Sort through all of the items on your desk or work space.
  • Put each item where it needs to go after your desk is sorted.
  • Wipe down your work surface, giving yourself a fresh place to start.


Create a system that is simple, appealing, and simple to use.

Think of a hotel. How simple and easy it is to find things. It’s relaxing in a hotel room and easy to keep clean.

Doing this will help ensure:

  • Everything will get back to where it belongs.
  • There will be consistency in getting things put away because there is less of it and an easier system.
  • When the work space is appealing to the eye, individuals may work harder to keep it that way because it brings them joy to look at and inspires them.

Maybe you have tried numerous ways to get your desktop or working space organized, but you can’t seem to keep a system.

What helps to keep a system in place is to keep it very simple. Also, when we have more than one or two steps, to put something away, chances are it won’t happen.


I was given the opportunity to try a unique desktop tool from Quartet, it’s called the Quartet Glass Dry-Erase Desktop Computer Pad.  I am grateful that they asked for my opinion on the product.

Quartet offers a number of creative ways to help keep notes and import info at our fingertips, and keep our desks clear of sticky note and paper pile disasters!

desktop organizer

This computer pad is recommended to use between a keyboard and screen.

Since I use a laptop, I found that setting it to the side, or next to my laptop worked fine. However, I can see that it is probably a space saver to use it if you have a keyboard and screen.

The slide out tray can be used on either side of the of the computer pad. The glass is created to hold up to scratching and dents.

If you have a small desk or are limited on the space where you work, use the vertical space in your workspace.

Quartet has other solutions that can help save space and take advantage of your vertical space.

If you like being able to write quick notes while in a meeting or while on the phone, this product may be a good solution for you!


Sorting and organizing is a big step and gives real relief!

Keeping it clean and clear will save you a ton of time and frustration.

Have you ever organized a space then days, weeks, or months later it’s right back where you started!?!

Two ways to help keep your desk clear:

  1. Set aside time to regularly clear and wipe down desk.
  2. Put away items at the end of every work session or end of work day.

Coming back to a clean space will keep you more inspired and happy to sit down at your desk each day!


Having a clear and clean space to work in can make a huge difference.

It can help you to be focused, which saves you time, and be inspired, something a dirty and piled desk will never do!

Helpful and fun desktop organization ideas for the office can make the process of staying organized easier and keep it all clean!

Don’t under estimate the power of a clean desk!

Cheering you on!

desktop organization


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