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Downsizing in Denver Colorado

Do you dream of the day that you will finally get your room organized and use in the way you intended?

Are you ready to downsize and desire to live with less?

Are you ready to finally get organized and stop thinking about how it will get done someday?

Make your dream of creating a simple, low-maintenance, and inspiring space come true.

The Unclutter Angel, a professional organizer in the Denver Colorado area, will work side by side with you, supporting tough decisions you may need to make, helping you beat procrastination!


A professional organizer helps clients by:

  • Assessing a clients space and projects.
  • Supporting their client’s goals and needs with a project.
  • Setting up systems in home or space that saves the client time and resources.
  • Assisting with the process of transformation, whether it is a space or their time.
  • Helping clients to create a space that is effective and meaningful for them.
  • Guides clients towards giving them peace and clarity.


  • Want to get organized, but don’t know where or how to start.
  • Need support working through the organizing steps of sorting, purging, creating systems, and storing.
  • Aren’t able to see beyond the clutter and doesn’t know what their goal is for their space because of overwhelm.
  • Have larger projects and need the extra hands on help.
  • Have the desire to downsize and need the support in making decisions of what to let go of.
  • Are up against a deadline to get organized and need the extra hands on support.


  • Discuss the goals for your project.
  • Work together at a pace that works well for you, but always moving forward.
  • Talk through difficult stuff that needs to be sorted or purged.
  • Keep track of our progress with the notes I take during our session.
  • Keep your organizing plan simple and consistent.
  • Help you to stay focused and encouraged in order to keep moving forward.
  • Have calls before and after session(s) so we know the progress, and what is still to be accomplished.

Downsizing in Denver Colorado

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Additional sessions: 

  • 6 hours – $330 ($5 an hour savings)
  • 9 hours and up  ($10 an hour savings)


Julie B.
“Before the Unclutter Angel, the kids’ playroom made my anxiety level go up every time I walked by it. I literally would shut the door so I didn’t have to see the huge mess that would take me weeks to even begin to tackle! Now I leave the door to their playroom open and smile every time I walk by because my kids are able to have space to play and are able to clean up quickly now that it’s organized so well” 🙂

Amy P.
“Before the Unclutter Angel, my space made me feel frustrated. Over the years stuff has been getting thrown back in the cabinet and it took longer to find what we were looking for. Now I feel much better in my laundry room just looking at everything or I should say not looking at all the extras. Thanks for the extra suggestion of a table. My husband even likes it! I open the cupboards and it looks like a picture in a magazine. I was surprised by all the STUFF that had been thrown in the cupboards over the years. Next time I won’t wait so long to have you help. Angela, we definitely accomplished our mission.”

Kathy B.
I discovered The Unclutter Angel! Angela has changed my life.  Extremely professional and non-judgemental, Angela has compassionately and creatively helped me to organize my home. I am proud to say that all the systems that have been activated are working. Angela is outstanding!

Gretchen S.
“I just couldn’t seem to focus on any single project.  I had a habit of leaving everything out to “remind” myself what different ideas I’d had.  After Angela helped me rethink the space and store my art materials in easy to find compartments I felt like there was a clean slate from which to begin working!  She was also so helpful in giving me permission to dispose of projects that were old, unfinished, or too long overdue!  I greatly appreciated her gentle but purposeful suggestions and feel much more productive.”   

Amy M.
“I felt much more organized after Angela’s assistance, which helps me in my busy schedule.  Her ideas are unique and cost effective, which is always helpful.  Since our session, I have been able to spend more time on other things that have needed my attention.  It is a great example to pass along to your children when they see organization in the household.  Angela helped that process along.”

Looking forward to hearing about your downsizing and organizing needs and discussing how we can reach your goals!

Cheering you on to a more simple life!

The Unclutter Angel

FREE OFFER: Four weeks to a clean room! Printables and guidance included.