How to Make Decisions Quickly . . . . . and Feel GOOD about It!

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Using EFT to Make Decisions Confidently Without Feeling Regret

Do you find that you have a hard time making decisions?

Have you ever thought about what holds you back from making a decision? I understand how decisions can be very powerful. 

I know from my personal experience that when I postpone making a decision, it can impact myself, my business, and sometimes my family. When making a decision I need to do it on purpose, otherwise chances are I will procrastinate.

Making decisions quickly and feeling good about them will help you to get more and more confident each decision you make! There are a few ways to support you and get you moving forward!

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Basics of Decision Making

Keeping the process simple will keep you from getting stuck and keep you moving forward towards your goal.

  • Don’t wait too long to make decision
  • Keep the focus of what you are trying to accomplish
  • Research effectively on a timeline
  • Give yourself a deadline to make a decision
  • Release the decision and don’t second guess yourself

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When we don’t make decisions for ourselves, our family, and our future, we are holding ourselves back from possible opportunities or avoiding potential problems.

Have you ever had the experience of wanting to plan something but you put it off? Then you waited too long and missed out?

Use the tips below to keep you moving forward to make the decision that you are putting off.

By implementing these, you are taking the step necessary to make a decision.

1. Keep a notebook

Similar to having a to-do list, having a notebook for research, information and possible decisions can be very helpful. 

It can be very stressful to keep all that you have to think about in order to make a decision in your head.  Make some space in your brain and write it down!

Not only will you write down what you need to decide, but also write the different possibilities and outcomes. You can make two columns that compare what the possibilities and outcomes could be.

Once you have made the decision, you can enter that into your notebook too.  This will help you in the future if you come across the same situation and you want to remember what the outcome was, whether it was positive or negative.

Plus you can track any additional steps you need to take after the decision is made.

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2. Have an accountability partner

Do you find that if no one knows about decisions you are debating about, you can easily postpone making your decision?

What if you had an accountability partner that you trusted and you felt you could discuss what you are trying to decide? Would you feel more confident having someone to talk through your situation with and possibly getting valuable feedback?

We may put off making a decision because we aren’t feeling confident about what to do, or we are afraid of what the outcome may be. 

It’s true that we may make the wrong decision, but by having an accountability partner or someone to talk to about the possible outcomes, we can feel more confident to move forward. 

Even if we end up making a decision that didn’t turn out the way we had hoped, it’s a great learning experience. You don’t have to make a decision alone. Find someone that you trust and will support you through your decision making process.

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3. Create a steps and a deadline

Some people put off making a decision because they want to research and make sure they know everything possible before hand.

While it is a great idea to research and be knowledgeable about the situation you are involved in, such as a purchase you want to make or an event you aren’t sure you should participate in, researching extensively can keep you stuck and keep you procrastinating.

By creating steps and a deadline, you will know ahead of time how long you have to research, discuss, and then make the final decision. Once you make that final decision you will be able to let go of the outcome.

The outcome may not be what you wanted or how you imagined it would turn out, but NOT making a decision could make a situation turn out in a very negative way.

NOT making a decision is still making a decision.

What if it turned out even better than you had imagined it would be?!?

4. Use EFT Script to release stress and get clear

If you aren’t familiar with the basics on EFT, also called tapping, you can find the details here.

This tool, EFT, can take you from stress to peace in a short period of time. It can also give you clarity and new ideas about your situation.

Let’s begin!


Karate Chop:  (Set-up Statement)

  • Even though I am scared about making a decision, I deeply love and accept myself.
  • Even though I am worried about making the wrong decision or choice, I deeply love and accept myself.
  • Even though I have no idea what the outcome will be, I love and accept who I am at this moment.



I want to be excited about making a decision, but I’m worried I may be making a mistake.

Side of Eye:

If I make a mistake I have no idea what the outcome will be. I could be wrong.

Under Eye:

I feel paralyzed about making a decision, I just want to avoid it.

Under Nose:

Even though I feel like I am avoiding it, it’s still on my mind.


Thinking about it, I don’t feel good about the possibilities. Wish I would just make a decision.

Collar Bone:

I could lose out on money or an opportunity.

Under arm:

If I don’t make a choice and get it over with soon, I may regret it.

Top of Head:

This really is torture not making a decision. Why am I stuck?!?


Eye brow:

What if this didn’t have to be so hard?

Side of Eye:

What if I wrote it all down and followed through?

Under Eye:

It feels good to think I can make a decision and follow through.

Under nose:

I have been disappointed before.


I know that holds me back.

Collar Bone:

I am going to find someone who will support me through this. 

Under Arm:

I think I will feel more confident being able to bounce ideas off of someone else.

Top of head:

I like the idea of having support, another opinion and talk through the situation.



I’m feeling more calm and confident about making a decision.

Side of Eye:

I realize now that by putting this off I am actually making my life more difficult.

Under Eye:

I should be glad that at least I am thoughtful about making a decision.

Under Nose:

Now I just need to be confident about the decision.


I have made wrong decisions before, so I know how things may not go my way.

Collar Bone:

But maybe stepping out and making a decision is better than someone else making the decision for me or living in regret.

Under arm:

Even if something goes wrong, I can regroup, brainstorm, and try again.

Top of Head:

Chances are, it will turn out the way I planned. I will be so proud of myself, and my confidence will keep growing! I’m tired of keeping myself small, playing it too safe. I want to grow and take on new opportunities, and that excites me!

Take a deep breath.

Write down any insights you had from the tapping. Maybe in a journal where you are writing all you thoughts about your decision-making. Many times tapping, EFT, gives clarity and new ideas.


Use these four ideas to help you be more proactive in your decision-making. You will find that the more deliberate you are about making a decision, you will become more confident and see amazing opportunities come your way. The pressure will become less and less.

Build that decision muscle, and empower yourself by taking control of your part of the outcome!

Cheering you on!


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