How to Let Go of Clutter With Three Simple Questions

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How to let go of clutter

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How to Let Go of Clutter with Three Simple Questions

You probably already know that when sorting your stuff to get organized, you make three piles.  Keep, donate and trash.  That seems simple enough.  So why do so many get stuck?  It may be because everything that you have kept seems of value, still useful, or is sentimental.  Here is how to let go of clutter with three simple questions.


“Is it useful to me RIGHT NOW?”

You may have a number of items that were useful to you in the past and served you well. However, they may not of use to you in the present. Most likely if it’s not being used now, it won’t be used in the future.  The curling irons that you used in the 80’s that crimped your hair may still work. But your hair is shorter now, and you know you will never crimp again.  It’s ok to let it go.  Can you imagine the young teen that will find that at a garage sale or thrift store, and how excited she will be to find it?

How to let go of clutter


“How does this make me feel?”

When it comes to organizing, there are many emotions that are involved.  If there weren’t, you wouldn’t hold onto all that you have.  You would have the bare essentials to get through your day to day life.  But that’s not realistic, and holding onto every memory isn’t either.  If we hold onto every memory item, we aren’t living right now and enjoying today. 

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Are you holding onto items that give you a negative feeling or sad feelings? Why do you want to hold onto items that make you sad? Old letters, pictures, or memories items? Ask yourself if you would be open to letting them go, so you can let in new memories that give you good feelings. If you have a loved one that has passed, you can honor that memory and create a special box or memory book. You are not required to keep everything of theirs. Keep what is special to you and have good memories of them, but don’t feel obligated. No family member wants you to feel overwhelmed or obligated to keep their stuff after they are gone.

You don’t need to get rid of everything at once, you can take it in steps.


“Would my children really want to inherit this?”

It sounds like a sad statement to make, but it’s true.  As you look around your home and storage, imagine your children having to deal with all your stuff.  That may be the motivator to help you make some hard decisions.  It can be so painful for adult children have to sort through their parents items and make hard decisions. It is passing on the clutter decisions to the next generation.  Make the decisions now, or schedule your sorting over a few months. Release your children of the burden of having to make the hard choices when you aren’t there to help them.

Set yourself free, and make the clutter decisions now.  Use these three questions to help you sort through your clutter.  By making those decisions and letting go of items, you are making way for new memories for today, and the future.

What clutter decisions have you been putting off?


How to let go of clutter

2 thoughts on “How to Let Go of Clutter With Three Simple Questions”

  1. I love the idea of the memory book! Especially when you have large items that take up space, but you don’t need. You could take a picture of the item and even write down all the memories you have from that item! A more compact way of still being able to look at the past and hold on to the memories!

    • I like your idea of writing more details about specific memories one has of each item and not just what the items was. That would seem even more special than holding onto each item, and would be interesting to others who want to share the memories knowing a story behind it like kids and grandkids.


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