How to Declutter Your Mind and Get Sleep!

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declutter the mind with sleep

Declutter Your Racing Mind and Get Some Sleep!

  • Do you feel drained?
  • Does your mind race when you want to rest?
  • Do you struggle to sleep through the night?
  • Are you waking up in the morning feeling like you never went to sleep?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, here are some ideas to help you learn how to declutter the mind, sleep better, and feel refreshed.

1. Ways sleep can clear the mind

Sleep recharges the mind
Studies have been done showing how our brains and body alters during sleep to release toxins. When we lack in sleep, we aren’t allowing our bodies to restore the way it should.

Sleep helps to clear toxins
During our sleeping hours, the body’s fluids need that time to flow and be restored.

Sleep relaxes the body and releases tension and stress
Some people use sleep to escape stress. It may give them relief from the pressure and hardships  they are facing. Sleep is a great way to relieve tension and let go of the days frustrations. Sleep can help let go of stress.

declutter the mind to sleep

2. Ways to clear the mind before bedtime

Journal your way to sleep
Get your thoughts down on paper. Writing it all out on paper, or in a journal, will get your thoughts and stress out of your head and keep you organized. No more worrying about forgetting what you need to do the next day. Stop being overwhelming trying to remember everything, write it down!

Read yourself to sleep
Last thing in your head before you fall asleep can effect how you sleep or what you dream about. If you pray before bed, read positive material, or remind yourself what you are grateful for, it will set you up for a positive night of sleep!

Here are more ways to clear your mind before you go to sleep.

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3. Ways to prepare your space before bedtime

Unclutter your bedroom
I recommend your sleeping quarters be clear of piles and be fairly organized. It’s not easy to relax when you are surrounded by piles and projects you need to work on. Create a relaxing sanctuary that you look forward to snuggling up in each night.

Comfortable bed and temperature of room
Not being comfortable in your bed, being too hot or too cold, or not having the right pillow, can keep you from sleeping soundly through the night. When you think of the amount of time you spend in your bed during your lifetime, it makes sense to create a place you can feel comfortable!

By focusing on how we prepare our mind and our environment for a successful night of sleep. I personally found the “My Pillow” products to be a life saver for me. I tell everyone I know about my pillow, because before I bought these products, I had a very hard time being comfortable and getting a good nights sleep. Now I look forward to it!

More ideas to be ready for a long winter’s nap can be found here.

Getting a good night’s sleep is essential to feeling fresh and renewed, and our surroundings is a big part of that!


By getting a better nights sleep it will help us to be more productive, more pleasant to be around, and more at peace when we are awake.  Our minds are very powerful and they don’t shut off just because we slide into bed. 

When we hold onto stressful thoughts, keep a huge list of “to-do’s” in our head, meditate on events that have long passed that we keep replaying over and over, our minds remain cluttered and unable to get the rest we need.

Our thoughts may even get louder because laying in bed gets us focused.

The thoughts we have can become magnified.

There are many successful strategies to create a sleep ready environment and learning how to declutter the mind.

Sleep is essential, so you may as well enjoy it and look forward to a good nights rest!

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