How to Declutter Your Bedroom Creating a Restful Space

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how to declutter bedroom

Bedroom Organization Ideas and Declutter Checklist

Our bedrooms are very special places

We rest in our bedroom, recover from illnesses there . . . . and so many other things!

One thing that a bedroom is not good for is clutter. Life sucking, to-do distracting, storage piled up clutter.

What would feel better? A hotel like sanctuary or storage room? Here is how to declutter your bedroom and create a restful space!

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Tips to Declutter Your Bedroom

Once you get your room the way you want it, and feel good in, you will always be able to declutter your bedroom fast from then on! 

Having a simple system will ensure that you will always have a sanctuary to come to each evening and enjoy a restful nights sleep.

One of the best ways to design the best space for you to sleep in is to ask a few questions.

How do You Currently Feel in Your Bedroom?

  • Anxious?
  • Rested?
  • Trapped?
  • Angry?
  • Uncomfortable?

How do you want to feel in your room?

  • At peace?
  • Happy and inspired?
  • Restful?
  • Calming?

Photo by JAC Interiors – More kids’ room ideas

What’s Needed to Accomplish That?

You can make it clutter-free and enjoyable to look at, but also calming and relaxing so you can sleep well!

  • Floors are clear
  • Surfaces are clear
  • Clean clothes put away
  • Dirty clothes in hamper
  • Minimal light and noise for bedtime

What else would add to this list? What colors would you like? How would you like to rearrange your room? It’s your sanctuary you can create whatever you like!

What would you NOT include in your bedroom? Anything that isn’t related to a bedroom and all that you do in your bedroom! Find a new place to store the items or get rid of them, especially If you don’t use the items and you are only using your bedroom to store them.


How to Make Your Room Look Like a Hotel

I love the feel of hotel rooms. Why is that?

  • It is minimal
  • There are no distractions
  • Beautiful and inspiring
  • Many have a spa like feel

We can create this feeling in our own homes! You will be amazed when you clear out your room and make a beautiful space to rest and relax in.

Even something as simple as rearranging furniture and adding fresh paint are inexpensive yet can totally change the feel of a room!


My bedroom is the one place where I take extra care to keep clean and organized.

Because I am a light sleeper and sensitive to things around me, it’s so important to create a nice peaceful place to rest and relax.

You can do the same. You may have piles or a number of items that don’t belong in your room, but with consistent effort each day, you can clear it all away. It is possible.

Be consistent each day and you will see progress!

Can’t wait to hear about the sanctuary you create!

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