Awesome Hot Wheels Storage Ideas to Keep Easily Organized!

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Awesome Hot Wheels Storage Ideas to Keep Easily Organized!

Who doesn’t love play with cars!

I know I enjoyed them when a was little, and now my kids enjoy them too.

We have quite a collection from over the years, so keeping them from spilling out all over the floor is essential.

There are many awesome hot wheels storage ideas to keep easily organized!

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Before you decide how you want to organize and store the kid’s play cars, I suggest sorting through your inventory and weed out the cars that are broken or the kids are no longer interested in.

It’s cool when there are less toys to store, then the kiddos play with what they have so much more!

They are able to appreciate the few special items and toys they have instead of being overwhelmed by a pile of mismatched toys!



Now that the kids have their favorite cars and trucks sorted, we can explore the variety of ways to store and showcase them. Having the option to “showcase” cars, may help the kiddos to get more excited about keeping there cars picked up and off the floor.




We have used both plastic storage as well as the fun Hot Wheels suitcases. The plastic storage container doesn’t keep the cars sorted. It can be harder on the cars as the kids dig through the box looking for what they want to play with. However it is an easy solution for just dumping in all the cars as once.


hot wheel storage

The photo above features narrow shelves in my son’s room, where he is displays items and stores small Lego trays. He can also keep cars in a large bin, but it’s not my favorite storage solution.

My older son, when he was little, LOVED his Hot Wheels rolling storage case. It made it easy if he wanted to take cars to grandmas house, or if we went on road trips.

Hot Wheels 100 Car CaseHot Wheels 100 Car CaseHot Wheels 100 Car Case + 1 CarHot Wheels 100 Car Case + 1 CarHot Wheels 300 Car Storage CubeHot Wheels 300 Car Storage CubeHot Wheels Mega HaulerHot Wheels Mega Hauler


The storage cases may easily store in the closet or under a child’s bed. The Mega Hauler above, is not only a cool large truck, but it holds 50 or more cars! Plastic bins or storage cubes can be simply stacked in a closet or on a larger shelf.


hot wheels storage


Hot Wheels Display Case 56 CompartmentsHot Wheels Display Case 56 Compartments

Clear display cases can hold many cars and can allow kiddos to change the display. The case also allows for more cars to be on display compared to a shelf.

Using narrow shelving can be the perfect way to showcase cars and trucks. The kids can have fun changing what cars they want to display if they have more than what will fit on the shelf. You can have an extra storage case for the cars that won’t fit on shelf.

These types of shelves are simple to install and called “floating” shelves.

Denver Modern Floating Wall Ledge Shelf - 46 Inches Long - WhiteDenver Modern Floating Wall Ledge Shelf – 46 Inches- White


The narrow shelves can also be used for more than Hot Wheel cars. They are also perfect for displaying other small toys and books.

Vertical space in your space is very valuable. Many people line the walls with standing shelves and furniture, not considering the wall space that can be utilized.

A child’s bedroom or play area is a great place to use as much wall space as possible. This leaves the floor open for plenty of play space and keeps the toys up off the floor. I personally hate the feeling of a metal car on the bottom of my foot!




There are many different ways to keep cars picked up and organized. When toys are organized and stored in creative and fun ways that are simple, there is a better chance that kiddos will want to keep things picked up because they are inspired too.


Have fun creating a room that is organized and functional using these awesome Hot Wheels storage ideas!


hot wheels storage

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