Simple and Creative Hair Dryer Storage Ideas

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Keep Bathroom Counter from Attracting Hair Dryer Clutter!

Countertops easily collect clutter. When we are in a hurry, it is so easy to drop what we are using on the countertop.

Of course we have the best of intention to come back and clean it up later . . . . . or not.

These simple and creative hair dryer storage ideas will make it easy for you to keep your counter clear and effortless to put everything away when you are finished getting ready each day.

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It seems easy to keep your hair dryer on your counter since you will be back again to use it tomorrow. However, if you leave your hair dryer there, you probably leave many other things on the counter. It becomes a mess, then it’s hard to find things, let alone having to wipe down the counter when cleaning. 

Make it easy on yourself to get ready in the morning!

I love the storage slots I have for my brush and hairdryer. No more stuffing it in a small drawer, I can put it away easily and it looks good

Depending on the size of your counter space there are many options that can make your space beautiful and productive.

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If you have a cabinet in your bathroom, this is a great way to conceal your bathroom products including your hairdryer. Many solutions are as simple as sliding the unit onto the door!

There will still be room inside the cabinet for other items that are standing inside cabinet.

You may consider measuring your space at first to make sure that the organizer you get will fit well.


If you are out of options, like not having a counter top or cabinet, then using a wall mounted storage may be the solution for you.

There are plastic and metal choices, some are hung by screws and some by adhesive. Lots of sizes and choices!

If you decide this is a good option for you, make sure you can mount the organizer in a place where you won’t bump into it or still looks messy because you have cords dangling everywhere.

Even if the cords dangle, it’s not the end of the world, because at least you have created space to put your supplies other than the sink or the floor.


There are many solutions to keep your hair styling tools organized. You can always use a drawer for easy clean up, but if that’s not available to you, you have other options!

Make a simple system and create a new habit to clean up your hair dryer and hair supplies. Making it easy to clean up means it will be easy to remember to do everyday! 

It’s amazing how cords and hair tools add up and take up space. When I chose to get an organizer for my countertop it was because I wanted to have a way to do as little as possible each morning and make it easy on myself.

Have fun creating your own hair dryer station and getting organized!

Cheering you on!


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