easy ways to make dusting a room fun and simple!

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Reading the title of this post you may have been tempted to gag or roll your eyes, “easy ways to make dusting a room fun”? I get it.

I love having a fresh clean space, but I’m not always in the mood to dust or sweat my tail off cleaning the house.

I have tried a few different approaches to help keep, or even get control over the dust in our home.

  • Have a set dusting day eat week
  • Dust whenever I have a few minutes in a room
  • Hire someone to clean
  • Avoid dusting

I am NOT a fan of dusting. It is a reminder of the old and the past.

However, it is important to keep things dusted because there are side-effects if it is avoided. I know because I have family members that react to dust, including myself.

Side-affects could include:

  • Affecting allergies
  • Affecting breathing issues, like asthma
  • Dust build-up on objects making it harder to get clean
  • Affect those with skin issues like eczema

I won’t gross you out with all the details about dust, what it is, and why we need to keep it at bay.

There are important reasons to dust, but that doesn’t make the chore any more appealing. For me the idea of dust makes me want to avoid the task.

Using cloths or paper towels that don’t work well, or they make things even messier, doesn’t motivate me.

I decided that I wanted to find a way to be motivated. Something that would help the task of dusting easier and maybe even enjoyable!

In the past I have used paper towels with polish, but that felt clunky and wasteful. Then I started using soft cloths and I enjoyed those much more. But I still didn’t like using polish with it.

I’m not sure why I have always felt I needed to use polish. I must be a generational thing that I learned. I don’t like using it anymore.

Hand duster

I have tested a few dusters. Dusters make the task fun and so much easier!

This is the one I like the most of all I have tried!

This hand duster is very soft and flexible. I like that it easily squeezes in between objects on a shelf if I don’t have a way to move or pick something up.

What’s cool is the duster unsnaps off the handle and I can throw it in the wash. There is the regular duster, then the extended duster which I love for the high areas in my home like light fixtures or return vents.

Using this duster makes dusting fun and simple!

Because it is easy to use, the dust easily clings to it, and I can wash it, I enjoy using it. I also have the duster that includes an extension. It’s cool that I can get up high, dusting things that I would have had to retrieve a ladder to reach.

Cleaner and rag

At first, the micro dusting cloth felt weird to the touch. Once I got cleaning fluid on it, it felt much better.

But the game-changer for me when it came to the cloth and cleaning fluid was Meyer’s Multi-Surface Cleaning Solution.

Sounds strange? This cleaning solution has amazing smells! Using this product along with the micro cloth makes cleaning actually enjoyable. The scent is very relaxing and it is an all-natural cleaning product.

What I have been doing to stay on track with dusting:

  • Picking a specific day to dust and wipe things down
  • Wipe down when I’m in the mood to use the yummy cleaner
  • Extend grace to myself when I don’t dust every scheduled time
  • Take advantage of guests coming to visit, using it as a motivator


Having tools you can use to get a job done AND be fun and enjoyable, will help you to keep the task consistent.

I know that I put off dusting because I had tools, polish, and rags that were a pain to use or didn’t work well.

I decided that since I wasn’t going to hire a cleaner, I am worth investing into products and supplies that will make my job. Not only will it make my job better, the family can help because the tools are better!

Nothing like letting the kids go crazy with a fun microfiber duster!

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