Easy Bathroom Drawer Organization Ideas to Help Kids

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Simple Bathroom Drawer Organizer Ideas

Typically, kid’s bathrooms can be smaller. Not only are they smaller, but many times they are being shared by siblings

Smaller bathrooms may also mean smaller drawers. These smaller drawers make it hard to keep organized, if it holds anything more than a toothbrush. When young people have to share a bathroom, the struggle can be REAL!

There are many different and easy bathroom drawer organization ideas to help kids.

bathroom drawer organization ideas

This results in little drawers that are stuffed with stuff. Having easy bathroom drawer organization ideas to help kids will keep the counters mostly clear, less arguing about space, and less work for you!

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Before you start thinking about what size organizer you need, it’s best to prepare the space and start fresh.

It’s incredible what can be pulled out of a small space, especially with bathrooms. Many items may be old or duplicates and can be pitched. As nice at it is that the dentist wants to give goodies each visit, dental floss can really add up!

Steps to Organized Bathroom Drawers

  1. Clear it all out – Empty out drawers, throwing away items that are old, dried up, or never used. Make more space so it is easier to get organized. Even if it is an item that is only partially used, and you know you won’t use it again, pitch it!!! I totally understand that you don’t want to feel like you are wasting it. However, it’s wasting valuable space.
  2. Clean the drawers completely – Everything is cleared and easy to wipe out each drawer. Starting fresh may help the kiddos be motivated to keep things clean. (Well . . . maybe.) 
  3. Decide what will go back – Decide which items will go in which drawers if you have more than one drawer. Drawers are perfect for items that can easily lay flat, and are used regularly, like combs and toothbrushes. Other items like larger cream tubes, lotions, hair accessories can be kept in containers, medicine cabinet, or under the sink to keep organized and from leaking.

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There are a number of choices to help organize bathroom drawers. Plastic containers, trimmed cardboard boxes, or free for all!

I tried a new and unique solution from a company that allows one to design the perfect drawer insert. It’s the perfect insert because you design it yourself for your needs. Instead of trying to piece together smaller plastic organizer inserts, you can create one piece with many smaller slots to fit your needs.

The company is called ORGANIZE MY DRAWER.

Here are the steps:

  1. Measure your drawers
  2. Re-measure your drawers
  3. Create account on ORGANIZE MY DRAWER website
  4. Design drawer organizer online based on your needs and measurements
  5. Wait excitedly for your product to arrive in the mail

Once your drawer organizer(s) arrive, slide them in and load up!

I recommend not overloading each slot. It defeats the purpose of creating a special organizer if one has to dig for what they need.

Their online design software allows you to play around with configurations to suit your needs. You can even have your child help design the drawer to suit their personal needs.

My Visit

Since Organize My Drawer is located in the Denver Metro Area, I asked if I could pick up my order and peek at their operations. Based in Centennial, they operate out of a very simple and “well organized” office and warehouse.

They have very cool laser technology they use to create each drawer insert to the specifications of each client. They also are able to fold their own shipping boxes to fit each order to size!

It’s a young company with many new additions, like drawer liner, and more to come.


Giving each child as much of equal space as possible may keep the peace! I know it can be difficult, especially of your space is small. There are creative ways to give each person their own area to keep their bathroom supplies.

  • Drawer Space with Dividers – Dividers allow the kids to keep their items separated and easy to find.
  • Best Use of Countertop  – Without clutter the countertop, you can gain extra storage space if you are limited on drawer space. You can have wonderful countertop solutions that don’t look junkie or take up much space.
  • Simple Cabinet Space Ideas – If you are lacking in drawers or countertop space, maybe a cabinet in the bathroom is your solution. There are a number of creative ways to organize space in a cabinet.

Having your children help you either pick out items to organize, or help with the organization process may be fun for them. It will make the space personal to them. 


Kid’s bathrooms can get very messy. Giving them simple solutions to get organized, and encouraging times to clean and freshen up the bathroom will help to keep it that way. 

The less items you store in the bathroom, the easier it will be for them to keep it all cleaned up.

Great skills to learn!

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