Clutter Free and Cool Gift Ideas For Mom

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cool gift ideas for mom

Cool Gift Ideas For Mom

When spring time starts I notice ads and commercials for Mother’s Day, promoting what companies claim,”mom want”.

Do they really know what mom’s want?

I believe it is different for everyone. However, in recent times, more and more people are feeling that less truly is more.

Does mom want to be given a bunch of gifts that take up space or that she is going to have to figure out how she can use them in order to not hurt anyone’s feelings?

I don’t think so. 

One doesn’t need to spend lots of money, if any at all, to give mom a special gift that she will be thrilled to receive.

Giving clutter free and cool gifts for mom can be a fun project and adventure for the family to help put together!

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Gift Ideas for Mom from Kids

I know schools like to load up on all the handmade gifts and pictures. Those things are adorable . . . and they add up over the years!

Gifts that are consumable or something that is easy to store will thrill mom!


This can be a an artist portfolio or trim the kids artwork down and put into a memory album.

Makes it easier to store, look through, and the whole family will enjoy looking at the kid’s cards and artwork.


You can hire someone to take photos, or find a family member or friend to take adorable photos of the kids posed, and in action.

You can either frame them, create a collage to hang on wall or put them in an album for her.

The key is to not make more work for her, where she has to figure out how to display them.


Kids love getting creative!

This is a fun project for them to think about how they can be of help for mom!


Creating a special memory book that includes photos, kids artwork, and special messages is a special gift that mom can look through whenever she needs a pick me up or is missing the kids.


The whole family can help put this together. What does mom enjoy?

  • Is she into a hobby, like sewing or cooking?
  • Does she like getting special treats to snack on?
  • Has she ever dreamed of trying something new?
  • Does she love to read books or drink coffee?

Create a special gift basket that everyone can pick a product to add.  Wrap it up with a bow and a note.

If you would rather pick a pre-made basket, there are many that have themes and treats moms will love!

PLAN FAMILY OUTING (with Dad’s Help)

Give mom a fun day out and not have to do any of the planning!

It’s fun for the kids to help plan and fun for mom to receive a day of fun without having to worry about any of the details.


The kids can help to pick experiences that mom would like.

Maybe it is something you do as a family, or something that mom would do on her own like a trip to the nail salon, bungee jumping, or the spa.

There are tons of options and experiences for mom to enjoy!

gifts for mothers day ideas mom

Gift Ideas for Wife From Husband

I know that husbands have their own mom to send a gift to. Husbands also know that their wife is the cornerstone of the family and wants to show appreciation to her as well!

She will be thrilled to know that you appreciate all she does for the family.


Have fun planning an evening for just the two of you. Take care of all the details so she doesn’t need to think of anything, she can just enjoy herself. That includes child care and any other details.

Maybe try something new that she wouldn’t expect. Moms need time to unwind and feel taken care of.

Have fun with it!


House Cleaning – Giving her a week or a month of cleaning may help her to feel like you have given her a vacation!

Careful how you present this gift. If she has talked about possibly hiring someone in the past, this may be perfect for her!

Professional Organizer – Has she been dreaming of getting areas around the home organized? Maybe the perfect gift is helping her to feel good in her space, and create rooms that she enjoys walking into.

It can be time consuming with kids and a extra helping hand may be the one thing she would LOVE as a gift.

The whole family wins with this one!


Weekly food delivery, whether it is from the dinner companies, amazon pantry, or others, is a great way to help your wife save time in her day.

It could be something you give her a gift for a week or two of deliveries, then she can decide if it is something that she would like to continue.

Uber eats also offers gift cards. Hundreds of choices that our wife can order for herself during the day, or in the evening if she needs a break from cooking.


This is one gift that just about every mom would love to have. A day to be pampered and not worry about anything . . . including getting dinner on the table at the end of the day!


Would your wife love a space in the home she could call her own?

With a little furniture arranging, maybe help from a friend or family member to decorate, you can create a special place she can retreat to when she needs time to herself, to read, or to unwind.

Include some little gifts that she can enjoy there like a soft blanket, favorite books, fun coffee cup, or fresh flowers.

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Gifts Ideas for Mom From Adult Children

When we become adults, we have a new appreciation for all our parents have done for us. The support they gave, helping us with school, getting us prepared for the next stage in our lives.

We don’t need to wait until a special holiday to show our appreciation towards those who cared for us as young people, but mom’s day is the perfect time for you to create something special to show the gratitude you feel for her.


This is the perfect gift for those who know exactly what mom likes, but it’s also perfect for those who have no idea what mom likes! You can find a card for her favorite place to eat or shop, or you can give her a generic card like a Visa gift card or for a major department store, she can pick what ever she likes!


A memory book can be very sweet, whether you make one that includes photos from your childhood, or one that is filled with your own family, filling the pages with beautiful grandchildren!

Maybe your mom likes to create memory books. If that’s the case maybe giving her the supplies and photos would be fun for her!


What a fun treat to receive. Flowers are beautiful, but how cool is it that mom can consume her gift and enjoy every bite!

Many companies offer a sweet variety of options mom will love!


Whether you buy a card or create a hand made card, writing thoughtful notes on the card is a treasure.

Remember yearbooks, or thoughtful cards you have received in the past?

It’s very special to read what is on people’s hearts. Especially if she is far away from you and the grandkids, it’s perfect for when it’s a tough day and she is missing you.


Tell mom how you feel in audio, something that she can listen can listen to over and over.

Mom’s love to hear their children’s voice, especially when it is words of gratitude and love. Plus, grandkids will LOVE to help with this gift!

Grandma will treasure hearing your voice, and grandkids, at times when she is missing you.

You can use apps like “Voice Memo” on iPhone to record a thoughtful message and send in a text, email or flash drive. If you don’t have an iPhone, there are a number of apps that allow you to do this.

Thoughtful gifts for mom with ideas and tips

Gift Ideas for Grandma From Family


Just like mom, Grandma loves to look at pictures and notes from her kids and grandkids.

You can make the memory book beautiful and personalized, including notes, past photo and memories, as well as current photos of the grandkids and family.


The whole family can help plan together a day or evening out with grandma. Let her decide what date and time frame would work for her.

You can create a surprise and let her know to keep the date open, or plan ahead. Do what you think she would prefer.


Kids can have a fun time creating masterpieces and topping it off with a poem about grandma, or sweet words describing what they love about her is a priceless gift!


What a fun surprise to get food delivered to your door!

Whether it’s a fruit basket, a week of groceries, or a dinner service, grandma may love not having to think about food for a few nights.


What does grandma like to do?

Does she have a favorite store or restaurant? Is there something she has been wanting to try? This is a great idea to give grandma a way to go out and do something she may otherwise not do on her own dime.


Mom and grandma may not expect to get gifts on Mother’s Day. However, it’s nice to get some extra lovin’ and appreciation in any form for sure!

Hope that you have a fun time creating a special day for mom and deciding which cool gift ideas for mom you will choose! No matter what you choose to do, she will appreciate whatever you do for her!

Cheering you on to a more simple life!

The Unclutter Angel





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