Three Ways to Use Cable Clips to Organize CORDS

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FINALLY Get Control Over Your Wires and Cords

One thing that drives me crazy in different areas of my home are CORDS! There seems to be cords for everything since we live in an electronic and digital world . . . even when many devices are wireless! Because we live in a world where many items have a cord, we have cords coming out of our eyeballs!

They are everywhere!

Not only can wires and cords be awkward to keep organized, but it can be a challenge to keep them in place. One simple solution is to use cable clips. Small, simple, and removable.


The top of your desk is precious real estate for working and doing tasks. Wasting space with out of control wires or cords is not ideal.

I can’t stand the look of wires going every which way on my desk. Especially when I need to unplug something!

Organizing wires behind a desk, or on top of the desk, keeps your office looking tidy and crazy wire-free!

Desktop Wire Organization

Some of us need to have cords on top of our desks. I use cords to connect my laptop to my exterior computer monitors. I also have a cord for an ethernet cord I use when I am teaching classes online.

These cords can be messy to have on top of my desk.

Before I started using cable clips, I had to strategically get my cord to stay in place by tucking them here, there, and everywhere!

Clips make it easy to grab the specific cord I need, and put them back in place when I leave my office. One product I am currently using is by BlueKeyWorld, the “Cable Clip Organizer”.

cable clip organize

These clips are made of plastic and they are flexible. It is easy to push in the cord and to pull it back out. They have an easy to peel backing to stick on your surface.

Each cable clip can hold 1-2 cords. Each pack comes with 6 clip organizers. There are plenty to use in different areas of the home.

Computer Tray Cord Attachment

I love writing and helping other through my words. Recently I began help others in an additional way. I teach online ESL classes to children in China.

I have a set up in my office so I have everything within arms reach! This includes my ethernet cord, mouse. These two cords fit perfectly in one clip. The photo below shows the ethernet cord attached UNDER my computer tray. That way I save even more space!


Organize TV Cords

What makes me even crazier than cords going all over the place on my desk?

Cords going all over the place, on and around, the entertainment system!

It is mind blowing how many cords it takes to operate a tv!

My husband has used thicker tape or tacks to hold cords in place so they won’t show. Those do work. However, cable cord clips can keep the cords in place, and give you the flexibility to move the cords if needs.

We have “cut the cord” in our house. This means that we use apps to stream any content that we want to watch, like using a Roku, instead of cable. We also have a modern day “antenna”. The tv antenna we move around depending if we are trying to improve the picture quality or we want to tuck it behind the tv.

This means we have a few cords! I am looking forward to organizing the TV area next!

organize cords


Taming the out of control wires in your home doesn’t have to be a complicated project.

It can be simple and you can get instant relief!

It’s great that completing tasks around the home to make our lives easier, doesn’t have to be difficult.

Try some clips and see how you can organize your desk and entertainment in no time!

Cheering you on to a more simple life!

The Unclutter Angel

Disclosure: I was asked to review product for Blue Key the “Cable Clip”. All opinions and thoughts are 100% my own.


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