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Conquer Your Clutter with Tapping

Would you love to have an extra tool to help you conquer your clutter? Tapping may be the solution you are looking for!

Amazon Reviewer

"Wow - I had no idea about tapping, but I found myself dealing with clutter of living in the same house for 25 years. I downloaded this book and pretty much everything in it was what I was feeling. I LOVE that Angela gives us the actual wording we could use (or revise for other situations). Perfect for a newbie like me. I actually started tapping as I was reading it! Thanks!"

Overcoming Guilt and Shame

How many times has something happened and you felt like, “I shouldn’t have done that,” or “It’s all my fault,” or maybe “I should have known better.”

It’s time to overcome the frustration and feel free from emotions that can be paralyzing!

Amazon Reviewer

"Very helpful. Great technique. Lots of new information. I would recommend this book to anyone feeling quilt and shame. Loved it"

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