Best Toy Organizers for the SMALLEST Spaces!

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Toy Hacks and Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Have you ever felt like your children’s or grandchildren’s toys have taken over your space? Does it feel overwhelming in your small space, or do you not know where to start?

I can understand, having three kids of my own, how it can feel like toys multiply like bunnies. Let’s talk about simple and easy ways to go from mess to success with the best toy organizers for the smallest spaces!


Two mistakes that people make when trying to organize their space are:

  • They think they have to organize everything they have
  • They only think about the low space

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How do you solve these two issues?

First, I recommend you go through all the toys and sort out broken items and items they are no longer interested in. This will mean less stuff you need to find a space for when they aren’t being played with.

Second, many only think about solutions for storage and organization on the ground. That is only one level! Imagine if you took advantage of vertical space. It brings things to a whole new level!

There is only so much floor space to hold storage and containers unless you do it creatively.

Get innovative using different methods to get organized in your small space.

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Making use of vertical space can include a few options.

Some are:

  • Hanging shelves
  • Bookshelves
  • Hanging baskets
  • Towel bar with hooks
  • Back of the door

The key to using vertical space and getting inventive is ensuring you aren’t using all your wall space.

Just like you don’t need to stuff your closets, you don’t need to use every square inch of your wall and door space.

What was overwhelming on your floor will become overwhelming on the walls. 

Pairing down the number of toys you have and where things can be located will help keep your space beautiful and functional.


Closets offer you the ability to tuck away toys; however, the ability to tuck away toys may not be a good idea if you don’t sort and organize. You may create a mess behind closed doors!

It’s nice when you don’t have to look at things, but if you don’t see what you have, the toys take up space if they aren’t being used. Out of sight, out of mind. Create a beautiful system in your closet that the kids can keep up with.

You may not have an extra closet to store toys in if you have a small space. This is where vertical space and multi-purpose furniture can be helpful.

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Having furniture that serves multiple functions may be the perfect solution for you. 

You may not have much wall space or a closet available, but you probably have furniture you use. Maybe you wanted a table or extra bench for guests to sit on, but you never had the space because the kids’ toys took up space on the floor. 

Multi-purpose furniture gives you more function, and kids have an easy time putting their toys inside something simple that they can easily reach.

If you use a piece of furniture you already have, the lid or doors on the furniture must not slam shut. I’m thinking of the sweet little fingers that can get hurt. Many new pieces of furniture already have slow-close hinges for the lids. 

You can buy them if you want to put new hinges on your existing piece of furniture.


Setting up a system for clean-up time will save you time and your sanity. A system will make toy clean-up time quick and easy!


Having your children help you with clean up is helpful! Depending on their age, you can determine what system will work best for you.

  • A specific time of day for clean-up
  • Clean up chart
  • Kids rotate clean-up days
  • Set a timer for clean-up time
  • Make it a game

Make it fun and easy, and you may be amazed that when it’s like a game, simple and fast to clean up, chances are over time, they will do it all on their own. Maybe leave a timer in your space so they can set it independently. FUN!


You may not have cooperation at first, or your children are still too young. If you have a set time at the end of the evening to do a quick pick-up every day for yourself, it will start fresh. As the kids grow, they will help more and more.

If you have older children, they can help pick up the baby toys or younger kids’ toys. Your significant other and you can also take turns each night.

There are many ways to keep things picked and help each other do it.

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One solution for toys is to rotate. This wouldn’t be my first advice for a small space, but I understand that some have tiny spaces. If you have an extra bin that can be stored elsewhere, you can rotate toys each month or each week, so your kids have less in your space and they can keep what they enjoy. Plus, it feels like they have newer toys each month!

After you have sorted through your toys, make the choice right away and follow through on what you want to do with the toys you don’t want to keep.

Do you have someone who would love toys your children have outgrown? If not, could you sell gently used toys on Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, or find a non-profit that could use children’s toys?

We have given toys to our church, after-school care non-profits, and friend’s kids who would enjoy them.


Creating clever ways to store toys in small spaces can be fun.

What a great way to start to train your children to pick up after themselves, organize, give away what they don’t use, and be a good helper.

This is a win-win for everyone!

Enjoy getting innovative by finding the best toy organizers for the smallest spaces in your home!

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