Best Bathroom Counter Organization Ideas

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Easy Bathroom Countertop Storage Ideas

In most bathrooms, the surface space can be very limited. Smaller bathrooms can be more challenging keeping the bathroom counter clear if it has limited space.

Unlike the kitchen, many bathrooms aren’t designed to have lots of counter space to prepare for the day. Here are some best bathroom counter organization ideas:

It seems that bathroom counters are difficult for many to keep clear. Maybe it’s because we use many different products when getting ready in the morning. I believe the main reason is because one doesn’t have a designated place to put bathroom items away.

Our goal is to organize your bathroom counter once.  We will get creative, finding designated places for the items you use. Once you have a system, it will be simple to put things where they belong.



1. Only store bathroom items in the bathroom – I know this sounds silly, but you will amazed to see what you may find once you begin to clear your counter as well as and other areas in the bathroom. If you went through your drawers and cabinets, would you find items that would never use in the bathroom?

bathroom counter organization ideas2. If you take the time to clear out your drawers, it will make way for items that you are leaving on your counter. Items that don’t belong in your bathroom should be relocated to their correct place. Take time each week to clear off any items from your bathroom counter that sneak their way back that don’t belong there.

3. Simple storage solutions -It’s best to sort first to see how much you have to organize before you buy any plastic containers. Having simple containers, helps to keep your bathroom items in one place and easy to find. One reason people leave items out on their counter is because they like having it easily accessible. Yet if there are lots items on the counter, it’s the opposite, it is difficult to find what you need. Keep it simple! 

4. Less is More! – You have sorted through your drawers and counter and have less to organize. Now you will find it easier to get your items in order and have a nice space to get ready in every day.

5. Having less to manage will make it easier to keep your space cleaned up and have bathroom counter organization. It will not only help to create a relaxing environment, but you will feel like you are making more use of the items that you have remaining!

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Even if you have minimal bathroom supplies to store, you can still make your bathroom counter look clean and organized. These ideas will help to keeps your small toiletries organized and in one place. Trays also make it easier when cleaning. You will only have to move a tray or two, and not a bunch of smaller items that have to be shuffled around.

If you love having your makeup out on the counter, these vanity trays are perfect to hold makeup, brushes and more. If you need to get ready somewhere else in home, this makes it easy to grab what you need and take elsewhere.

Counter Organizer Bin Beauty Products, Lotion, PerfumeCounter Organizer Bin Beauty Products, Lotion, PerfumePremium Quality Plastic Vanity Organizer | 5 CompartmentsPremium Quality Plastic Vanity Organizer | 5 CompartmentsPremium Quality Plastic Cosmetic Storage and Makeup OrganizerPremium Quality Plastic Cosmetic Storage and Makeup Organizer




These counter shelf organizers will help to keep your bathroom counters clear, and help your bathroom more beautiful and functional. You will also be pleased to finally be able to find what you need faster and easier!

These ideas are usually recommended for kitchens. However, some bathrooms have ample wall space to install shelving or rods. Utilizing the vertical space available will give you more ways to store your makeup and other supplies. Organizing your supplies using vertical wall space, will give the extra room to get ready and clean up easier. If you are limited on cabinets or shelving in your bathroom, and have some counter space, this could be the perfect solution.


Cosmetic Organizer Tray for Countertops - Bronze/ClearCosmetic Organizer Tray for Countertops – Bronze/ClearVanity and Beauty Organizer with Drawers & StorageVanity and Beauty Organizer with Drawers & StorageHair Styling and Supplies Storage Chest - WoodHair Styling and Supplies Storage Chest – Wood


If you are lacking in counter space and storage on your countertop is not an option, here are a few clever ideas to use your vertical space.

Over the Cabinet Storage Organizer Basket - ChromeOver the Cabinet Storage Organizer Basket – ChromeWhite Wood Wall Shelf with Metal Rail ShelfWhite Wood Wall Shelf with Metal Rail Shelf



Once you have your bathroom supplies organized, measure your space and decide which tools will be the most helpful for your needs. Having bathroom counter organization will save you time and space!


If you have cluttered counters and have to dig to find what you need, you know it’s time to come up with a new plan.

Whether you have a long countertop or no counter at all, you can get organized and feel good walking into your bathroom each morning to get ready.

In the morning we are in a hurry or have a deadline when we need to leave the house. Make your morning routine easier. Create a stress-free and beautiful space to get ready in that takes no time to clean up!

If you need extra support and accountability I am happy to talk with you with a free connection call!

Love – Angela

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