Making. Life. Simple.

Not Sure Where to Start organizing?

Feeling overwhelmed by the clutter in your home?

Is your mind spinning from feeling overwhelmed?

Time to Stop feeling overwhelmed


With busy schedules, work, and school, keeping everything organized and clutter-free may be the last thing on your to-do list.

Together we will create a stress and clutter-free space while maintaining a relaxed mind.

Using simple organizing systems, coaching and EFT (emotional freedom technique) to help with mindset, you can get unstuck and make amazing progress!

I am gentle, encouraging and will hold you accountable until your project complete.

Being supportive and encouraging is how we will get your projects . . .  done together!

Feel good knowing that you are not doing this alone, and you will finally have the tools you need to feel at peace.



Peace of Mind

Thoughts about what needs to be done, feeling overwhelmed by our stuff, feeling we spend too much time managing things doesn’t have to be a way of life. We can choose how we want to live.

Save Money

When we aren’t organized or feel we need to get more stuff because we can't find something, we may be wasting money.

Save Time

Do you spend unwanted time cleaning, moving stuff around or reorganizing?

Love Where You Live

Being organized doesn’t mean we have the perfect home. Having room to breathe, a place for everything, and knowing where to find things makes our day to day life enjoyable!

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What People are Saying

"Very, very helpful. Using the tips every day!!!!
Maria H.
"Before the Unclutter Angel, the kids' playroom made my anxiety level go up every time I walked by it. I literally would shut the door so I didn't have to see the huge mess that would take me weeks to even begin to tackle! Now I leave the door to their playroom open and smile every time I walk by because my kids are able to have space to play and are able to clean up quickly now that it's organized so well"
Julie B.
"Fabulous to follow by someone who practices what she preaches!”
Cassie L.
“Thank you all for the support and encouragement in my journey of getting organized. My house on the outside is organized and clean...but as you have seen my "hidden" areas need work. I am doing those areas that have not been touched in 25 years. Thank you Angela for setting me on the path of organization...I am feeling freer!!!.”
Midge N.
“Before the Unclutter Angel, my space made me feel frustrated. Over the years stuff has been getting thrown back in the cabinet and it took longer to find what we were looking for. Now I feel much better in my laundry room just looking at everything or I should say not looking at all the extras. I open the cupboards and it looks like a picture in a magazine. I was surprised by all the STUFF that had been thrown in the cupboards over the years. Next time I won’t wait so long to have you help. Angela, we definitely accomplished our mission.”
Amy P.
"I discovered The Unclutter Angel! Angela has changed my life. Extremely professional and non-judgemental, Angela has compassionately and creatively helped me to organize my home. I am proud to say that all the systems that have been activated are working. Angela is outstanding!"
Kathy B.
"I felt much more organized after Angela’s assistance, which helps me in my busy schedule. Her ideas are unique and cost effective, which is always helpful. I have been able to spend more time on other things that need my attention. It is a great example to pass along to your children when they see organization in the household. Angela helped that process along."
Amy M.
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